Role of Employees in the Workplace

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Role of Employees in the Workplace

Employees are the workhorse of a business because they make up the majority of the company. Employees work at the forefront, middle ground, and near the top of a company. No matter where a customer ends up in a company building, he or she will be face to face with an employee. Because of this employees can make or break a company in a multitude of ways.

Business owners must be convinced that employees have this power in order to be successful. This article lists the roles of employees in a company and how they can improve your business.

Employees at the Forefront of a Company

Employees that are at the forefront of a company have either been with the company for a decent amount of time or just started working there. Those that are new to the company must be properly trained in or else they could make mistakes on the company's behalf. As well, employees that have been with a company for a long time and interact with customers on a regular basis could become the face of the company. This applies to both large and small companies. For smaller organizations such as high schools, the staff that works at the front desk and interacts with incoming students and parents every morning act as the face of the school. As well, these assistants answer the phone and effectively facilitate information. Therefore, it is important for these employees to be at the top of their game every day. Other examples include restaurant waiters and busboys, cash register clerks, and even door holders. Keeping these employees happy and up to date on the company's policies is crucial to the continuation of the business.

At the Middle Ground of a Company

At the middle ground of a company, employees still have the opportunities to interact with customers, but typically do not overstep their bounds. These employees either manage the forefront or direct the customer to the forefront when the opportunity presents itself. For example, a general manager of a grocery store may delegate the work to the forefront so he or she can manage something else in the store. While these employees may make a higher income than the forefront, there is more responsibility. For these employees to be successful at the company, they must buy in to the mission of the company. If this is done right, these employees can increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and even increase morale in the workplace.

Sometimes employees are able to either work their way to a top position of a company or get directly hired on to play this role in the company. Without regard to how an employee gets the job, the top employees are typically more concerned with data collection and logistics. These employees analyze and interpret customer data in order to provide the best service and product that can be delivered. These employees work toward expanding the goals of the company. Business growth does not happen when a company works to achieve a single, unchanging goal for many years.

Give Employees Something to Lose

In order to get the best out of employees, higher ups in the company must know how to keep all employees motivated. One way to do this is to give employees something to lose such as a stake in the company. 

This article lists the roles of employees in a company and how they can improve your business. However, this article does not discuss how to actually become an employee. If you are looking to get a job, you will need a resume. While you can find help for writing resumes in many places. Executive resume writing can help you get ahead and land a job.

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