How Updating Your Resume Can Promote You and Your Co-workers in the Workplace

Thursday, July 26, 2018

How Updating Your Resume Can Promote You and Your Co-workers in the Workplace

In today's competitive society, it's very important to find ways to promote yourself so that you stand out from the rest. But because many work environments now consist of teams, it's far better to find ways to self-promote while promoting your colleagues as well.

If you are not used to sharing the spotlight in the workplace, you may consider making a shift. The suggestions below share how both you and your colleagues can share the spotlight in the workplace.

Disadvantages of Self-Promotion 

Let’s face it, although our goal is mainly to promote ourselves as often as possible, most work is accomplished through a joint effort in some form or another. Ignoring other individuals who are involved in your accomplishments can cause tension. This often indicates that you have not considered the value that your co-workers add to the company to solicit their input. In fact, it is an indicator that you have avoided communicating with them about key issues in an effort to self-promote. This can also create an atmosphere of competition. In some instances competition in the workplace can be good, especially in the sales department. However, in other cases, it can create unneeded tension which often produces envy and low-morale.

Promoting Yourself and Your Colleagues Through Team Building 

One of the best ways to promote yourself, along with your colleagues, is through team building. It allows you to establish better relationships, experience a shared responsibility as well as shared accomplishments. It shows management your ability to communicate well with others and process information flows. It also allows you to demonstrate other leadership abilities such as delegation and processing workflows. 

Working on a team allows you to demonstrate your interest in making the success of the group more of a priority than working as an individual.

Working with a team also allows you to display a wide array of other leadership abilities as well. You can highlight the accomplishments of the group as a result of your skills. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is through the reporting of the team’s success. For example, your success could include decreasing customer complaints by 75%, improving sales by 30% or by increasing customer engagement and conversion rates by 25%.
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You can also add value to other team members by bringing out more underutilized skills and holding them accountable for their responsibilities. This can be both motivational and inspirational for your colleagues. 

Additionally when updating your resume, you can also include these accomplishments. And you don’t have to wait until you’re ready to seek employment elsewhere before doing so. However, for the best results, you may consider seeking the assistance of a professional resume writing service, such as to assist with your efforts.

Why Keeping Your Resume Updated is Important for Self-Promotion

Hiring managers are constantly on the lookout for top talent. So keeping your resume updated and with the proper keywords is very important. Rather than sorting through hundreds of resumes when a new position becomes available, your employer can be presented with your freshly updated resume that demonstrates your ability handle additional job responsibility. 

Employers keep resumes on file for several months. Since this is the case, why not keep your resume updated with relevant information so that it is competitive compared to potential candidates who are still in the job market. This strategy allows you to promote yourself without creating tension among other the other colleagues.

Keeping your social media profiles updated with recent accomplishments is also a wonderful strategy to self-promote at work. Particularly since employers tend to scan social media profiles at any given time. It’s a way for you to continue to display your talent and relevant skills as well as your compatibility against others who are prime candidates for new job positions. In fact, sharing some of your processes and how you went about solving certain issues can increase productivity, build trust for your company and increase customer engagement

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