6 Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

6 Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking

In the contemporary world, everything is taking advantage of the rapid technological advancement. Businesses, education institutions, religious organizations and even individual enterprises have emulated digitized methods to gain public popularity. Google is among the leading media that is used for marketing. Many people are looking for ways to increase their google ranking. People want to ensure that their sites are getting a high number of viewers and reviews.

You can increase your Google ranking by using the following tips. These tips are geared towards boosting your Google ranking. Let’s take a look on them.

1. SEO

You can simplify your content marketing strategy by creating a great content that is of high-quality. The material should be in a position to speak for the readers’ interests, concerns and needs. You should also ensure that the content that you create is easily seen. Build a strong SEO foundation in your marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your site creative resources and blog. Always remember that content marketing and SEO needs to be put together for every successful strategy.

Ensuring that SEO and content marketing work hand-in-hand has various benefits. Some of these advantages are:

  • Building brand awareness. 
  • Luring Top-of-Funnel Pointers. 
  • Establishing thought management. 
  • Increasing behavioral reports. 
  • Boost future expectations. 
  • Improve user engagement. 

2. Anticipate your readers’ needs

You are the only person who best knows what your customers ask most. You need to identify the questions that are common among your customers regarding your services, products or even the entire industry. Ensure that your site is capable of giving reliable answers to all the questions that your customers regularly ask. Providing reliable answers makes you the source for your clients’ knowledge, and in the long run, your source becomes their favorite website. Ensure that your site provides readers with extra questions that are related to the things they inquire.

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3. Publish

Publish well produced high-quality content to ensure that it sells the most. Don’t forget that your content is aimed at attaining increased traffic to your website. Make it an entertaining blog that provides top solutions for all your customers’ needs. A good SEO-content marketing strategy should provide videos, audios, photos and images to back up the answers that you offer to customers’ needs. Every solution should be easy to understand and apply accordingly.

4. Be organized

Being organized is part of providing high-quality content. Your SEO-content marketing should be organized to make it easy for readers to trace any particular section of interest. Organization saves time. The best you are concerning saving your customers’ time the best you will when it comes to attracting more people to your website.

Always have a well-designed publishing schedule depending on how best your resources and staff can handle it. Scheme a behavioral publishing plan that favors your audience’s research habit then ensure that you stick to it.

5. Validate your customer’s needs by use of keyword research

Prepare a good list of the topics that you intend to work with while building your blog. Identify essential keywords that should be used to target for every issue in your list. You can do this through in-depth research on those keywords. The following are some of the tools that can enhance your keyword research program.

• Google Adwords Keyword Planner
• SpyFu
• Keywordtool.io
• AHRefs
• Moz Keyword Explorer
• Ubersuggest.io

6. Regular updating

A blog is all about content. Content that is regularly updated is likely to attract more viewers, and this will indicate relevancy. Therefore, keep updating your content regularly and ensure that you keep it fresh every time.

Content marketing requires a well-thought strategy. You cannot cause traffic to your site if you do not strategize wisely. The tips that are discussed in this article can make your blog one of the leading sources regarding following and reviews. Use them to grow google ranking as a result of increased number of readers of your content. Ensure you become more innovative too.

By  Roman Patel Embed


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