How Email Marketing Changes the Way We Do Business

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How Email Marketing Changes the Way We Do Business

Since its advent more than four decades ago, email has changed the way in which we communicate. No longer are we forced to use direct mail, which often takes days to reach the intended recipient. With email, you can send a message to someone on the other side of the world in just seconds.

Email has also opened the doors to new marketing opportunities for businesses. It's an increasingly popular marketing strategy that offers the following benefits for businesses and their operations.

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Email marketing can help businesses increase their customer satisfaction; 72 percent of consumers prefer email over other methods of communication from businesses. When consumers receive advertisements via direct mail from businesses, they often discard them without thinking twice. Assuming the business continues to send these direct mail messages, it can lower the consumer's satisfaction with the business. Because it's the preferred method of communication, however, email has the opposite effect by promoting higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Reduced Overhead 

A lesser-known benefit of email marketing for businesses is reduced overhead. Statistics show that U.S. businesses consume more than 21 million tons of paper each year. If a business uses direct mail for marketing, it will naturally consume a significant amount of paper. Being that it's digital, though, email doesn't suffer from this problem. Businesses can send hundreds or even thousands of marketing emails to their audience without paying a dime for paper, ink or postage. Over time, the cost-savings benefits of reduced overhead can add up.

Increased Brand Visibility 

Email is the perfect channel for businesses to promote their brand. While some businesses use it strictly for selling products or services, email is equally effective at generating brand exposure. Businesses can include their name, logo and other identifiable brand elements in their emails. Even if the recipient doesn't buy the business's product or service, he or she will still see these brand elements. This increased brand visibility can help businesses beat their competitors by establishing a stronger market presence.

It's also worth noting that email marketing can help businesses attract more returning customers. Selling to a new customer costs businesses up to 10 times more than selling to an existing customer. Email marketing allows businesses to nurture customers and generate repeat sales. For example, a business can send its customers an exclusive promo code for 15 percent off their purchase. Upon receiving this promo code, some customers may feel compelled to take advantage of this deal. Businesses can also send happy birthday and other personalized emails to encourage repeat sales.

Marketing Insights 

Email marketing provides insights into customers' and prospects' behaviors, which businesses can use to optimize their strategy for the strongest response. Traditional marketing channels like billboards and direct mail offer little or no insights. Therefore, they are difficult to optimize. But email marketing provides invaluable data like open rate, deliverability rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and more. Using this data, businesses can tweak their emails and overall strategy to generate more sales.

Easy to Start

Some business owners believe email marketing is difficult and complicated, but this isn't true. There are tools available to help businesses with this digital marketing tactic. Alternatively, businesses can partner with an email marketing agency. This agency will handle the legwork of email marketing, allowing businesses to work on their core operations rather than exhausting countless hours on crafting emails.

Email marketing isn't some trend that's expected to fade. With mobile internet usage continuing to increase, businesses will continue to use this digital marketing strategy to reach their audience.

By  Dan Munson Embed

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