Tested Tips That Will Improve Your Data Security

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tested Tips That Will Improve Your Data Security

In the world where cybercriminals and technology are getting better by day, businesses must have a strategy for enhancing their security against unauthorized IT systems and access to data. Enterprise security plans allow firms to protect themselves against external and internal threats. Businesses have to engage in security management procedures such as assessing, developing, and enhancing enterprise security procedures in a bid to reduce risk.

Security should be the one of the major priority of each firm. According to the National Small Business Technology Survey, a small firm will incur an average cost of $9000 in case of a cyber-attack. That is a lot of cash, and you would instead protect your business rather than suffer. Let's discuss some of the preventive measures firms can take:

Data loss protection 

You need to invest in a robust data protection software. Always encrypt the data in transit. You can also use two-factor authentication to protect data loss.

Document the enterprise security architecture you currently have 

Assess your current security measures, how often they are maintained, monitored and whether they have worked in the past. When you document your current security measures, it enables you to have a reference, which you can compare the improvements achieved. Documenting your security measures will also help you identify any issues you need to fix. You can perform an IT assessment as an audit of the current security structure in a bid to ensure you know each threat and know how you can reduce their risk of attack.

Antispyware and antivirus 

Always ensure all your firm's computers have antispyware and antivirus. Any weakness in your firm exposes all the assets and data to cyber threats. Always upgrade your antispyware and antivirus regularly.

Educate your workers 

According to a recent study on cyber threats, human error is the cause of more than 75% of data breaches. If your workers are aware of the cyber threats and know how to protect your firm’s data, the entire firm will be safer. You should also determine how executives, staff and IT experts can work together to protect data and prevent any threats. All business units should work together to establish and implement policies and guidelines that suit your firm's security management framework.

Come up with security barriers 

While your security management system can have high tech security features, such as patch management, encrypting all data, monitoring data, and implementing firewalls, never forget to implement physical security barriers as well. Never ignore internal security breaches, device damage, and theft, which you can prevent by coming up with the right physical security solutions. Consider security cameras, additional locks, biometric finger scanners, and alarms.

Although these are just some of the few tips, they are critical in securing your data. With these tips, you will be less worried of a cyber-attack.

Source code review services help discover hidden risks, system flaws and help determine if the right security measures are implemented. It uses manual review and a variety of scanning tools to detect backdoors, unsafe coding practices, weak cryptography, cross-site scripting flaws, injection flaws, and much more

The process of security code review

  • The Security Code Review Process
  • Preparation – involves thorough research of the tool and then creates a comprehensive threat risk
  • Analysis – consists of studying the code layout to form a unique code reviewer plan and perform a custom manual review.
  • Solutions – involves verifying existing problems and come up with reports that offer solutions

There are many advantages of the security code. They are bringing faster results, detects flaws easily, the thorough analysis provides solutions, meets compliance standards, create reports, and overcomes testing limitations

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