Marketing Ideas for a Small Business with Scarce Resources

Friday, May 25, 2018

Marketing Ideas for a Small Business with Scarce Resources

You must market your business to get more customers. However, you probably can't afford radio ads, billboards, and mass mailing when running an enterprise on a shoestring budget. As such, you need to look for inexpensive marketing techniques that can provide a higher return on investment. You need to strategize to market on a small budget.

Here are seven cost-effective marketing ideas for small-scale enterprises.


A website is an essential component of every small business. You should strive to improve your site ranking on search engines to make it easier for potential customers to locate your brand. Make sure your web page appears among the results when people are searching for products and services related to your brand. You can use SEO and content marketing technique to improve your website's ranking on top search engines. Your business profile determines the effectiveness of your site. It should be easier to find the location of your business and its contact information. A professional website should have the fundamental information about your brand. You could also post relevant blogs and customer testimonials on your web page.

Local Media

Your local media can be critical to the success of your brand. You can increase your brand awareness by networking with media professionals and sending out press releases. However, keep in mind that local reporters might not cover promotional news such as roadshows. However, you might get some free publicity especially if your business has news worth to share.

Social Media

Almost every enterprise has moved to social media, so your business should not be left behind. Social media is one of the advertising channels that get your business in front of a massive customer pool. While some social media advertising campaign can be expensive, there are numerous free social media marketing techniques. Facebook and Twitter let users leave reviews on a brand's page. Encouraging customers to post positive reviews about your product or service can go a long way to expand your customer base. Whenever prospects come across your Facebook page will see other customers' praises. Moreover, social media lets you post content that encourages repeat purchases. For example, you can use social media accounts to post online contests, coupon codes, and new brands.
Perhaps you use a company van or truck to move around. You can brand it with your company's logo to showcase your brand even as you drive around. Painting process might cost you a fortune, so try posters that stick to the side of the truck. Alternatively, you can use window decals at the back and side windows of the pickup or van.

Business Partnerships

Teaming up with other peers in the industry can help promote each other's enterprise. For example, you can refer customers to other local enterprises within your sector. Moreover, you can encourage each other on social media networks or mailing lists. Work with brands that you complement each other. Of course, no one would want to partner with a rival. The best partners are the ones that sell products that are similar to yours. For example, a clothes vendor such as Lularoe can partner with an online shoe store.
Sidewalk posts

You can increase sales leads by putting a sign on a street where a lot of pedestrians pass. You can use such symbols to announce a new product or list a sale. Hopefully, potential customers might stop at your shop as they go to work.

Marketing to Your Current Customers

One of the best ways an enterprise can improve its bottom line is to market to its existing customers. Loyal customers will always buy from you, so all you need is to encourage them to make repeat purchases. You can request anyone that has bought from you to join your email list. That way, it's easier to send them inventory updates and coupons. Sending regular emails makes your brand stick to the minds of potential customers.

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