3 Must-Haves for a Secure Cyberspace

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3 Must-Haves for a Secure Cyberspace

The internet is an amazing thing. It has changed how people communicate with each other. Today, any person can communicate with any other person on any continent through the power of the internet. It has also given regular people access to more information than could be stored in the largest libraries in the world. According to Internet Live Statistics, there are currently 1.9 billion websites online today.

Despite all of the miraculous things the internet provides, it does come with certain risks. Hackers, phishing scams, malware, viruses and more all present serious threats to companies as well as private citizens. If you want to protect yourself, you need to take precautions. Below are three must-haves for a secure cyberspace.

Cloud Backup

If you have to be connected to the internet, you need to take measures to protect your data and files. What can be accessed on the net can do great harm to everything you have stored on your computers and digital devices. Data loss can be a nightmare. According to Fortune, the average cost of data loss for businesses is $4 million. That kind of figure should be terrifying to business owners. Only the largest corporations can absorb that kind of loss.

The danger also exists for private individuals. Many people have foregone paper storage for important documents and instead store them as digital files. The same goes for family photos and home movies. All of these can be wiped out in a single attack from an online threat. In certain cases, your files may even be held for ransom by an especially insidious breed of malware known as ransomware. It has been predicted that ransomware will cost its victims a total of $11.5 billion per year by 2019.

One of the only measures you can take to reliably protect your files is to back them up. However, local backups on your own hardware are prone to attack as well. This is why you should consider investing in cloud backup. With the redundant nature of cloud internet architecture, it’s nearly impossible for your files to be wiped out in an attack.

Managed Detection and Response

To combat threats, most people download antivirus software from popular vendors like McAfee or Norton. However, regular antivirus software isn’t adequate enough to stave off all the possible threats you could conceivably encounter online. Even if you update such software often, it may still not be informed on how to prevent new and emerging threats from infecting your computers.

If you have invested a lot into your computer systems, a better choice may be to acquire an MDR service. MDR stands for managed detection and response. MDR services are much more comprehensive than simple anti-virus applications. MDR services can detect things that may get past a traditional anti-virus program. MDR services involve security event management, security analytics tools and monitoring from actual living human beings.


Lastly, you should pursue services and tools that implement encryption. Encryption is a process of taking data and encoding it so it can only be viewed in a decoded form by authorized parties. In this case, you need an encryption key, sometimes a specific password, to unlock that information.

Encryption is useful for the internet because it can prevent you from harm if your information is somehow intercepted. If information you submit through an app remains encrypted, an interloper won’t be able to use it to harm you. In a world where identity theft is a $16 billion industry, encryption is more important than ever. Make sure all your important data is encrypted while in transit and while in storage.

Overall, protecting yourself or your business from the threats of the internet requires taking immediate action. Investigate tools like cloud backup, MDR services and encryption to help protect your important and sensitive data from hackers, malware, viruses and cyber criminals. You’ll be glad that you did.

By  Mark Palmer Embed

Author Bio - Mark Palmer is a small business expert and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs make the most out of their company. As a freelance writer, Mark hopes to influence others so they can have a positive business experience.


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