7 Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity with Automation

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

7 Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity with Automation

Over the years, several companies in different sectors of the economy have lost so much money and suffered heavy losses for several reasons. Some of these reasons include machine downtime and human fatigue. As humans, we all have our breaking point, a point above which we just can't work or function at our best. This has led to an increasing reliance on machines to carry out tasks at the workplace.

Automation or automatic control involves using different control mechanism to operate different equipment and machines. Over the years, there has been increasing fear that machines will take over from humans in various industries. This has led to a prediction that unemployment rate will increase in the future. In various factories, machines now do what humans used to do. The truth is these machines do it faster which leads to more productivity. The manufacturing industry isn't the only place where automation has found usefulness.

There are predictions that health care companies and finance industries will find a space for it in the next couple of years. However, process automation can also be used to enhance employee productivity through effective communication. Nowadays, you can monitor the performance of each employee and keep track of their duties by setting up an effective workplace automation process.

Let's discuss the top ways to improve workplace productivity using process automation.



This is really important particularly when you have a project or deadline to meet up with. An employee scheduling software helps you to plan ahead and effectively engage all employees across all the departments. By scheduling tasks, output increases because everybody involved know they have to accomplish what has been assigned to them.


A productivity app helps you gauge the performance of each employee. It helps you measure the contribution of each team member to the entire process. Through this, you will be able to recognize those employees that are under-performing and those that need to improve drastically. The outcome of the productivity app can also be used for rewarding deserving employees and issuing necessary punishment to those that are deserving of it.


This is another way of putting employees on their toes. By measuring how long it takes a person to accomplish a task, complete an assignment, or resolve an issue, you will be able to measure their intelligence. Also, this will breed healthy competition between employees as they will all be conscious of the amount of time spent on a given project. By tracking how long it takes employees to do things, it becomes easier to identify underperforming workers.


Effective communication is crucial to an effective workflow process. An automated communication system makes it less difficult to get information across to workers. An automated communication system reduces the possibility of human error. Texts and email alert systems should be automated so that workers can get along with each work step or production process.


As the saying goes, you can't give what you do not have. Workplace automation makes it easier for workers to understand what is expected of them at every given time. Since information gets to them readily, they can ask questions on grey areas and seek understanding of what is not known. This makes understanding the job process a lot easier. Hence, projects will be completed without much problems.


Task management involves monitoring a project from inception to completion. An automated task management process boosts employee performance because it becomes easier for the manager to know when to step in and chip in a word or two. A good task management software enables you to plan and manage all stages of a task and its status.


Customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software are very important in enhancing workplace productivity. These software help in sales records, customer interaction, and marketing campaigns. They also help the organization to manage customers and get feedback from them. An effective CRM/ERP system makes it possible to have an effective billing process for charging customers for services rendered.

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