5 Ways to Keep Industrial Technology Up to Date

Monday, April 23, 2018

5 Ways to Keep Industrial Technology Up to Date

Staying current with the technology used in your industry can be a challenge. Techniques, equipment, hardware, and software are frequently evolving and changing. But you have to keep up, or even get ahead of the curve, to stay competitive and maximize profits.

Here are some tips for exploring new tech, such as that from companies like Newark Wire, and the opportunities it can bring.

Trade Journals

Make it a point to subscribe to industry journals both in print and online that cover technical issues. You don’t have to study them, but grab a highlighter or make notes of what intrigues you. Investigate further or discuss them with appropriate staff, such as you CIO, or COO. It would also be a good idea to put together a team devoted to exploring new tech. Members should be encouraged to come up with their own ideas.

Follow the News

Newspapers, news sites, RSS feeds, and occasionally even TV often cover technical developments. The reporters themselves may not be particularly knowledgeable, but they can spot trends and good ideas as well as anyone else. The advantage of digital news is that you can filter by one or multiple topics to uncover the latest stories on the tech that interests you. Is there a company you like hearing news from? Follow them on social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for connecting with friends; they can be a great source of news in whatever fields you’re interested in.
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Reach out to industry colleagues, both face-to-face and over social media, and ask questions about the software, equipment, and other technology they prefer or would like to have. Trade shows, conferences, webinars, and other industry events are good places to get ideas or critiques from peers who have actually used a particular application or machine in their own company.


Talk with Customers

Make it a point to meet with your own sales or customer service teams or managers about the tech questions that customers are asking. They should also be aware of how people are using your product or service, and able to suggest any tools that will improve customer satisfaction, whether it’s CRM software or producing how-to videos. Customer concerns are issues worth exploring.

Monitor Internal Trends

Your should also take the time for regular meetings with production employees to see what their concerns are in improving efficiency or quality. For example, in a business relying on particulate processing, finer wire cloth for particle sizing may benefit you. You may also want to introduce superior quality test sieves to ensure consistent levels of granularity.

Whatever your company does, technology can provide the tools for greater productivity and quality. While you always need to be concerned about ROI, sometimes even simple improvements will continue showing dividends for years to come.

By  Dixie Somers Embed

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