How to Avoid Getting Your Business Sued for Personal Injury

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to Avoid Getting Your Business Sued for Personal Injury

Litigation over something like a personal injury case can be devastating to the financial state of your business. While personal injury lawsuits are a common occurrence in the business world, this does not mean your business has to become a complete victim in all cases.

There are things a business owner can do to prevent the bulk of personal injury claims and minimize the damage caused by them to the business. The following are a few ways to address this problem.


General liability insurance is the cornerstone of protection for any business when it comes to personal injury claims and lawsuits. In the worst case scenario, your company will be drug through court because of a claim filed by a personal injury lawyer on behalf of one of your injured employees or patrons. However, if you carry $1 million or more in general liability insurance, you will be able to mitigate a major source of damage caused by personal injury lawsuits in this area.

Inspections and Maintenance

If you are a business owner that has your facility regularly inspected and routinely take care of maintenance issues, this can be a huge deal in court to favor your case against personal injury lawsuits. In fact, the record keeping here is critical, because records showing that you routinely take care of what is wrong with your building means that you are likely going to be viewed as being above reproach when it comes to accusations of negligence. This is a must for any business owner that does not want to get overly hurt in court in a personal injury case involving a structural issue with the company facility.

Safety Protocols

No matter what your business, you should have strict guidelines on how to operate your business in a safe manner. Employees should sign and agree to work in accordance with all policies and procedures stated in the company’s policy and procedural manual concerning safety issues. Getting their signature on such provisions means they have read and understood the safety policies and are beholden to follow them. This way, if they fail to do so, your company has further legal protection due to the employee’s own negligence.

Remove Clutter

To keep your employees and clients safe and injury free, it is critical to remove all clutter from entrances and walkways. This is especially true in the case of a fire. The last thing you need is for people to be running towards an exit that is blocked with clutter and for these people to be trapped inside the burning building because of it. Not only could this be particularly damaging in court, but the media will likely not make light of it either.

Preventing personal injury claims are something every business owner should take seriously. The less opportunity there is for employees and patrons to drag your business through court, the better this will be for your company’s bottom line. While not all personal injury cases can be avoided, the truth is that the greater bulk of them can.

By  Dixie Somers Embed

Author Bio - Dixie is a freelance writer who loves to write about business, finance and self improvement. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.


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