Digital Marketing Blunders - Six Mistakes that Will Hurt Your Brand

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Digital Marketing Blunders_ Six Mistakes that Will Hurt Your Brand

Brands have been placing more emphasis on digital marketing, but for these marketing efforts to be useful, it is incredibly important to understand the market and employ a strategy effectively. Marketing mistakes of any kind can hurt results and brand image, relationships with consumers, and can prove to be wasteful in regards to the money and time put towards these efforts.

These mistakes can come in many forms, so it is important to be aware of them and avoid them. Following are six common digital marketing mistakes that will hurt your brand.

1. Not Monitoring Your Online Reputation Frequently

Monitoring anything from online reviews, comments on social media, articles on other pages about your brand or products, and other sources is incredibly important. Though you cannot control exactly what people say about your brand, you can use this content to analyze what is working well and where the brand can improve. There may be people who have something negative to say, but responding to negative feedback is crucial in showing consumers that you are taking their opinions into account. How you react can influence how you are viewed as a brand.

2. Ignoring SEO

Understanding and implementing correct SEO practices can greatly improve the performance of a brand's digital marketing campaigns and website posts. Failing to understand how SEO works can result in a low Google ranking, keyword cannibalization, ineffective use of keywords, and ineffective article structure, all of which result in less people seeing your hard work. It is important to take the time to understand SEO protocol, and there are many professionals that can help ensure that your work aligns with this.

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3. Not Interacting With Consumers on a Personal Level

Whether the brand is big or small, it is important to interact with your audience on a personal level. Putting a face to an interaction or addressing consumers with personalized responses and messages can make a huge difference in how consumers engage and view the brand. Interacting in a less generic manner can build trust, encourage interaction, and grow long-term relationships. These more personal interactions can also help you better understand your audience, allowing you to create a more effective strategy and better content that provides value to consumers.

4. Failing to Conduct and Implement Market Research

A simple social media post or an email may not seem incredibly significant in the short term, but any sort of content released to an audience can highly impact how they view the brand. Conducting market research regarding your digital marketing strategy can significantly increase ROI by helping your brand understand the audience, monitor how they react to campaigns and posts, reach them at the right time and place, and more. The insights collected can define success for your brand and help you allocate time and resources more efficiently.

5. Spamming Consumers with Content

Spamming can come in various forms. One way to spam your target audience is to over post. The amount you should post depends on your audience and industry, but over posting content can annoy your target and result in unfollows, unsubscribers, and a more negative view of your brand. Another way to spam is to post an excessive amount of links or content within each post or page. This makes the page appear sloppy and can be overwhelming to the consumer. With some help from market research, determine the best time and place to reach consumers and deliver simple and valuable content that is easy for the target to understand and encourages engagement.

6. Straying Away from Who You Are as a Brand

The brand should be at the center of everything you do in regards to digital marketing and other forms of marketing. Having a strong brand image is very important for a variety of things, including when going through the purchasing process, for brand loyalty, and more. According to Emerald Insight, brand accounts for 38.95 percent of a purchase decision ahead of price and services offered. When implementing a digital marketing strategy, it is important to think about the long term because this will define the brand for the years to come.

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Author Bio - Carol Evenson is a corporate trainer and experienced business consultant. She specializes in team management and growth hacking.


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