New Technologies That You Need to Incorporate into your Business Enterprise

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Technologies That You Need to Incorporate into your Business Enterprise

In the eyes of many, the only way to accumulate wealth and have personal satisfaction is to start your own business and see it through to prosperity despite the many challenges. From the grand stages of Silicon Valley in the greatest nation on earth to the third world citizens who start a kiosk to survive in the forgotten corners of the world, the number of startups that are coming up every year is hard to keep count. 

According to a recent study conducted by GEM Global, there are over 100 million business startups that are launched on a yearly basis.

This figure translates to 11,000 new business enterprises launched every hour or over three startups for every second. Competition is stiff, and business owners and managers must find something unique to get a competitive edge and thrive in the cut-throat capitalist global economy of the 21st century. This is where the incorporation of technology come in handy to level off the playing ground for all kinds of business owners.

Small business enterprises get the opportunity to expand their operations if they appropriately use technology. For instance, with technology, one hotdog can transform into a franchise that is enjoyed throughout the country and even in international markets while a single book by Amazon can turn into a book series. The birth of the internet just over a decade ago, the advent of cross platform mobile development devices such as smartphones and tablets and the emergence of state of the art technologies has forced many firms to use the World Wide Web to expand on their market share. Technology has also led to an improved consumer brand and shopping experience and has improved the efficiency of business operations by minimizing on wastes thus a more significant return on investment. In this article, we are going to highlight the technologies that every company should consider incorporating into their business operations this year.


Augmented and virtual reality devices

Ideas in any business setting are well acknowledged and become effective when they are displayed to the consumer base and potential clients. The mystique that covered the whole sense of augmented and virtual reality was uncovered when Microsoft launched the HoloLens glasses. Microsoft’s top leaders announced that headsets of augmented reality would be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018. The company can use virtual and augmented reality devices in showcasing the different products and services to their consumers without them having to travel to the business’ stores physically. HoloLens by Microsoft can assist firms to display designs, remotely work together in the development of things that relate to the real world. These VR and AR gadgets offer a unique opportunity for companies to bring information and products to life.

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Cloud computing

It is still a mystery to many people how cloud technology works and how businesses can use it to completely change the way they store and access their business information. Cloud computing is an information database system that is centralized and stores business and personal information in thousands of virtual servers. This information can be accessed through a computer or a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone in any geographical location that has internet access. Cloud computing is critical for any business enterprise in the improvement of their internal communications, products, and services. The entire human resource department can be connected through cloud computing together with data functionality and accessibility from virtually any geographical; location.

Wireless video and audio conferencing

Every business organization, whether a small company or a multi-national corporation requires meetings of staff and management to discuss their progress and strategies for more production and returns on investment. In the last decade, business enterprises are adopting a wireless solution for teleconferencing where they can connect their clients, team members, and offices regardless of their geographical location. For instance, Kramer has produced line collaboration tools which are engineered to take the teleconferencing function to wherever the members are.

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