Low Productivity? 3 Ways to Energize Your Business’ Workforce

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Low Productivity? 3 Ways to Energize Your Business’ Workforce

Maximizing productivity is a hot button for many businesses. When your team lacks energy and enthusiasm, productivity can take a nosedive. This directly affects your bottom line, and it could also affect customer service, company reputation and more.

Finding a way to energize your team and to boost productivity is important, and each of these three ideas could work in your favor in different ways.

Build Morale

When morale is low in your workplace, your team may feel unenthused about work. Each action can seem draining. Some people may feel that they are simply going through the motions for a paycheck rather than doing something that is beneficial and productive. With this mentality, your employees may dread coming to work, and they may only put in the minimum amount of effort required to keep their jobs. Encourage a team environment in your office through team building activities. Show appreciation for individual and team efforts. In addition, bring all employees in on company goals regularly with an emphasis on how important the efforts of each team are.

Focus on Wellness

Another reason why your team may not feel energetic at work may be their overall level of wellness. In some cases, when individuals are around people who have an unhealthy lifestyle, they may adopt many of those same habits themselves. Encourage group activities, such as participation in a fun run. Bring a fitness instructor into the office once a week for yoga, Pilates or other similar types of activities. You can also stock your break room with water, fruit and other healthy snacks to encourage healthier dietary habits. An employee discount at a local gym may be a great perk to offer.

Productivity in the office

Invest in New Equipment

When your team does heavy lifting or other grueling types of manual labor, they can easily become exhausted. Sore muscles from the previous days on the job could also diminish productivity. You need certain tasks completed, but that does not mean that the tasks must be completed with manual labor. Invest in equipment to help your team get the job done faster and easier. For example, a forklift may make many lifting jobs easier to complete. If you have old or run-down equipment, sometimes that may cause more of a headache than no equipment at all. Take stock of your workers’ needs and do what you can to help them.

There are many factors that could be decreasing productivity in your workplace. Identifying the factors affecting your team is the first step to take in order to turn things around. These ideas may be well-suited for your business, but there may be other ideas that would work well in different situations.

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Author Bio - 33rd Square contributor Brooke Chaplan is recent graduate of New Mexico University where she studied journalism. She loves to hike, bike, run and explore around her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She also enjoys blogging about health, fitness, fashion and many other topics.


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