8 Essential Social Media Tips for Startups

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

8 Essential Social Media Tips for Startups

Social media is a venerable marketing tool that simply cannot be ignored if you want your startup to succeed. The difficult task for startups, though, lies in the time commitment needed in order to develop a robust and successful social media marketing campaign.

While all of the information that you could possibly need in order to run a successful social media marketing campaign already lives on the internet, you may not have time to sift through it all.

Instead, check out this list of eight essential social media tips for startups. Here, you will find all of the most important information you need for a good foundation to your social media accounts.

1. Create a social media strategy before creating profiles

With the immediate accessibility of social media, it can be tempting to jump right in and start throwing content online right away. Since your entire brand’s image depends on this content, it would be wiser to create a comprehensive social media strategy first. Create an effective marketing plan that includes funnel campaigns, content design and theme, and target audience analysis. By doing this first, you ensure that your social media will be high quality, effective, and efficient.

2. Define the goals of your social media marketing strategy

Another important step is to clearly define your goals for utilizing social media. Would you like to increase brand awareness or collect emails? Are you trying to boost sales or increase engagement? By determining your goals from the beginning, you not only better focus your strategy but you also have a better way to monitor the success of your strategy.

3. Your strategy must include social media engagement

A lot of people think that social media management only includes content creation. While this is certainly a major part of it, it also includes engagement. In fact, engaging with your target audience is the easiest and most efficient way to increase brand awareness. The problem is that most startups don’t have time to engage with the community all day long. This is why automation tools are incredibly valuable to startups. Social Growr is one such tool for Instagram that automatically likes and comments users within your target niche. It allows you to increase brand awareness with very minimal effort at all.

4. Build online community of brand ambassadors

You will see all over the internet that influencer campaigns are the most effective outreach tools to date, especially in the year 2018. While this may be true, the same benefits can be achieved through brand ambassador campaigns. This takes the hard work of advertising out of your hands and puts it into the hands of Instagram users all over the world. As they post about your product, your brand reach will increase significantly and organically.

8 Essential Social Media Tips for Startups

5. Identify your target group

While it is a lovely idea that the entire world could potentially be your target group, not the entire world actually wants your product or service. Instead, figure out the people who want your product or service and aggressively target your ads and outreach to them. There are countless analytical tools online that can help you do this, such as Hashtagify and Audiense.

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6.Save money on customer service

Perhaps the greatest value that any social media platform can provide to the users is a direct line of contact between the user and the brand. In an interesting twist to the original purpose of social media, this online presence has served as the greatest customer service tool for businesses and brands to date. This means, however, that your brand must be incredibly responsive and available to your customers. Try to respond within a couple hours, if possible, or within 24 hours if not.

7. Increase website traffic with social media

If you are hoping to increase your web traffic, then work your website URL into social media. You can include simple call-to-actions in your posts, directing users to your website. Entice users with freebies on your website, such as downloadable tutorials or free trials of your product or service. Be sure to include keywords in your posts as well to attract web users that are searching for relevant content. Social media is a quiet force behind increasing web traffic and can be used very strategically to do so.

8. Keep evaluating your social media strategy regularly

The best part about social media is that there is rich, relevant data available 24/7. You can easily analyze your efforts and your target audience within days of implementing your strategy. Be sure to use this data to fine tune your social media strategy so that you are reaching the right people at the right times.

If you apply all eight of these tips to your social media strategy, you will at the very least generate some leads and increase brand awareness. As with everything, the more time and effort that you put into it, the more success you will see.

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