The Unique World of Being a Tech Salesperson

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Unique World of Being a Tech Salesperson

Millions of consumers purchase billions of dollars in technology every year. Consumers do wish to purchase the hottest and newest tech products on the market. Merchandise released by major companies has a better chance of selling than something produced by a smaller one, but all sellers do need to effectively market a product in order to move it.

As more than a few business owners quickly realize, selling technology isn't always easy. Customers understand the opportunity costs of purchases they make. Buyers want to be sure they choose the right tech product from the right seller.

So, a bit of skill and flair must go into an approach to selling technology. A salesperson who assumes great technological advancements sell themselves probably won't move anywhere near as much product as he/she should. Like anything else, a bit of work may be required to close a deal with potential customers. Understanding a few points about effective tech sales just might lead to better closings.

Avoid the Bland and the Confusing

Discussing physical aspects of a piece of technology usually only mesmerizes a select few. Noting a "massive amount of memory exists in a tiny device weight 3/4 of a pound" probably won't sway many would-be buyers. Descriptions of this nature come off as dull and bland. Talking about a product's physical dimensions and not telling them what the tech device actually does or how it may help them rarely yields great results.

Discussing the features associated with a device helps sell it. Avoid going into too much technical detail about the features, though. Discussing how many pixels a camera offers or noting the numerical figures associated with resolution might be confusing to the average customer. A confused customer might not be too keen on making a purchase. Confusion isn't exactly a positive or enthusiastic state, and you do want a customer to feel enthused and good about what you wish to sell. A common rule of customer experience management is to always try to make the potential buyer feel an emotional connection to a product.

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Focus on What it Does

Technology exists for a reason. The reason plays a huge role in a buyer's decision to make a purchase. Video game consoles sell because they provide an incredible amount of entertainment. The games may be cutting edge and realistic. Compatible games for the console include some of the most popular multiplayer selections in the industry. All these attributes give someone an idea of what to expect from a particular gaming console. This is what helps sell the console.

A similar approach may move any number of other technological devices. A smartphone not only allows someone to place phone calls, the device allows for accessing any one of untold scores of apps. With these apps, a smartphone operates like a high-powered computer capable of running many multitudes of programs. Describing a smartphone or smartwatch or any other type of device in these terms does assist with moving sales figures.

Effectively Position the Buyer

When crafting a story about how wonderful a particular product is, be sure to place the buyer prominently in the story. Discussing how awesome a gaming experience becomes more appealing when mentioning how the buyer plays a central role in the experience. The console can't exactly play itself. A player engages the console to step into the fantasy role of the game he/she plays. Describing things in this manner does help draw the buyer in. Since the buyer now visions him/herself linked with the technology in some way, it becomes easier to see how the device can be beneficial. Whether the device delivers entertainment, informational, or functional benefit matters not. The mere existence of a benefit of some kind helps promote the sale.

Work on Delivery

A good salesperson is someone who can communicate effectively. Even though certain aspects of selling technology may be different from selling other products, the ability to speak well and in both a positive and distinct manner assists closing deals.

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