How to Become a Perfect Programmer: Pursuing a Career as Java Professional

Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Become a Perfect Programmer: Pursuing a Career as Java Professional

Looking for a great career? Java developers are in high demand. Here are ten skills of an effective Java developer and how to learn the skill proficiently.

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When you are pursuing a career in IT, it is necessary to understand the various programming languages existing in the industry. Some of the languages are SQL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, IOS, and Ruby on Rails. Among these languages, Java has a very prominent place in the IT industry. The Java development team of an organization consists of a group of hard-working and highly skilled professionals, who help build fantastic programs, which help solve numerous problems. The companies that deal with internet or intranet design, mobile phone programming, software testing, website development, database design, and more recruit Java developers to accomplish these tasks.

Key Attributes of Successful Java Developers

Before a Java development company recruits a Java developer, they look for certain qualities. Let’s have a look at the top 10 skills of an effective Java developer and how to learn the skill proficiently:

  1. Coding- You need to make the basics stronger in order to excel in the field of programming language. Coding is the basics of the Java programming. You can opt for the various training programs as well as online tutorials to have a clear knowledge of the same. Along with the training, it is necessary to write and compile codes to build a constructive program. Configuration snippets like JDBC configuration,, etc. and utilities like StringUtils, DBUtils, ReflectionUtils, etc. must be known to you to utilize the knowledge of coding to the fullest.
  2. Strong Knowledge of OOP Language- Being a Java developer, you need to have a strong understanding of the Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Without this, the programming remains incomplete as Java is basically an OOP language.
  3. Repetitive Practice & Following the Trend- Along with the theoretical knowledge, you must have a strong practical experience. Try a simple TCP service on a client’s server that will help in chat. Include various design patterns and check which are functional. This will help you acquire sound knowledge on the design patterns. Also to become an expert on the frameworks, the source code and internal working mechanism must be studied thoroughly.
  4. Solving Problems- Software is developed to overcome the numerous user problems. Hence, as a proficient Java developer, you must be able to grasp the idea of the class loading process and garbage collection. You also need to keep track of the latest frameworks and the changes in order to utilize the design patterns in an appropriate way. Few of the design patterns are Builder, Object Pool, Fly-weight, Iterator, Composite, Visitor, Strategy, Singleton, and Factory.
  5. Know the APIs from the Core- To gain a complete knowledge, the core APIs, for example java.lang., Exceptions, I/O, etc. should be familiar to you. When the Web Application Development is concerned, it is mandatory to have a strong knowledge on the Servlets and JSPs. This will help you accomplish the development proficiently.
  6. Be Vocal about the Experiences- To work in accordance with the trend, it is necessary to subscribe to the various technology forums. This helps solve numerous issues and also prevents mistakes. Incorporate your views in the interesting blogs and consider the response you receive.
  7. Strong Soft Skills- Apart from the technological skills, people expect the Java developers to be able to communicate with the people. This is required to establish a healthy communication between the managers, clients, as well as the customers.
  8. Equally Qualified in Written & Verbal Communication- Analytical skills, lateral thinking capability, and problem-solving attitude will help solve the issues that emerge during the programming. You must be able to edit the present program to transform it into simpler and smarter version.
  9. Be a Good Leader- To shine in this field, you need to be a good leader. This will help people understand you in a better way. This will also let you share feedback, handle pressure, and provide advice in an efficient way.
  10. Knowledge is a Never-ending Process- Knowledge can never be constricted within a particular place. Whatever you have learned needs to be upgraded on a daily basis, which will help you build a positive reputation in the industry. Architectural and software development activities can be highly helpful in this regard. Take out time to practice coding that will sharpen your skills further.

Java development is a field that demands extreme dedication and skill. This can only be achieved if you practice on a daily basis without any exception. Never stop yourself from gaining knowledge in this field. It will not only improve your skill but will also make your identity prominent in the industry.

In an organization, Java development team has a huge role to play. Keep practicing the codes and try building various programs, which will make sure you earn the real-time experience. There is no alternative to hard work. Hence, repetitive practices will help you excel in the field with flying colors.

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