How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Today’s SEO

Monday, January 22, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing today’s SEO

The revolution of the artificial intelligence technology has greatly affected the world of digital marketing and has no signs of stopping anytime in the near future. Just a few year ago, the advent of blog content, automated social media marketing, and chatbots seemed invincible.

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning have made those digital marketing strategies almost obsolete. According to WebDev guide, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have evolved so much in a concise period to literally compete with human logic. This development has made digital marketers both ecstatic and scared at the same time.

Machine learning

On the one hand, having consumer data and our content data delivered in an efficient manner that had never been imagined before is very exciting to content contributors. On the other side of the coin, content providers and marketers are worried about their job security and whether their skills will still be relevant in the next few years in the digital marketing industry. Despite most of the tools in today’s content marketing having questionable relevance over long periods, SEO is one of the marketing strategies that has been tried and tested, and one can bet that it is here to stay. For as long as artificial intelligence has been transforming digital marketing, Search engine Optimization has also followed suit in a very significant way.

The advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence will automate SEO tools like metrics, keywords, and targeted advertising. AI is also expected to bring about the possibility of the aggregation of real-time data solution which is going to change online marketing forever. In this article, we are going to highlight how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming today’s Search engine optimization (SEO).

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Shifting the direction of marketing

Digital marketers have been anticipating the potential of artificial intelligence in transforming how product promotion is done for a while now. The opportunities for artificial intelligence in marketing are almost infinite. From streamlining a company’s pipeline of sales in a more efficient manner to the use of programmatic systems in SEO. At this point, anyone can infer authoritatively that digital marketing and artificial intelligence are inseparable going forward and most CMOs have taken note of the trend.

Improved keywords from the automation of content

Digital marketing analysts have projected that artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will one day take the place of content marketing in the online business industry. If you look keenly, a lot of these developments are already happening. For instance, algorithms have been developed and deployed by Associated Press to write over 3,000 articles after every three months. The development of these algorithms will mean that it will be possible to write numerous articles spanning many different niches which is something that a human being cannot be able to achieve. These algorithms have made inroads into the realms of social media where they are slowly targeting content marketing for small business enterprises and big corporations. When you factor in the high cost of hiring writers for high-quality content and keyword placement accuracy, machine learning and artificial intelligence will revolutionize the content marketing industry completely.

While it will be critical to have a human hand in refining your content and human voice powering, these artificial intelligence based algorithms are going to select the best keyword for use in the different articles on a real-time basis. Although AI technology compromises human insight and perspective in digital marketing, they are going to provide content that is likely to yield the best rankings on the search engine charts such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Huge real-time data

AI offers breakneck speeds in the efforts of universal marketing. AI will be able to choose the best keywords to use in a particular article and also point out how best it can be used in real time. As of now, the jury is still out, and the society will have the moral authority to decide whether it is right or wrong to have humans replaced by machines in the digital marketing and SEO industry.

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