5 Reasons Every Business Should Have Their Employees Trained in First Aid

Sunday, January 28, 2018

5 Reasons Every Business Should Have Their Employees Trained in First Aid

Employees need to feel safe. A staff full of employees that feel safe can keep management at ease and production moving along smoothly. One way to keep employee morale high and keep employees feeling safe, especially at a hazardous job, is to have several BLS certified employees at different levels of the company's infrastructure. 

Here are five reasons why a business should some of their staff trained in first aid.

They Provide Medical Care Until Qualified Professionals Arrive

An employee skilled in administering first aid can keep a situation from deteriorating because they can give temporary medical treatment, which might be able to sustain the injured worker until help arrives. Anyone skilled in providing first aid is valuable to the company because they have the potential to aid their fellow coworkers in emergency situations until the trained medical assistance arrives.

People providing first aid can prevent an employee from choking, which is critical because the human body can only last around five minutes without oxygen, and this means every second is critical. Additionally, they can give first aid to another employee who might have fallen down stairs or someone suffering from a heart attack. Every second count when someone has fallen from a significant height, a choking co-worker or maybe an older employee going through a heart attack. An employee with first aid knowledge on how to deal with these problems are not only financially valuable and should be paid accordingly, they are invaluable to the workplace, especially until professional help arrives.

Training in First Aid Increases Safety Levels in the Workplace

Keeping injuries from occurring is a crucial part of training to administer first aid. Also, being well versed on the subject can assist people in becoming more aware of the potential risks, and the awareness and preparedness of for potential risks aid employees in easily avoiding them. When employees are more aware of their surroundings, especially in a riskier work environment, they will voluntarily practice safety habits. Consequently, this self-awareness and increase in personal safety will contribute to a reduction in the number accident-related injuries.

Gives Employees the Knowledge and Potential to Save Lives If the Situation Calls for It

Even though someone well versed in first aid is hardly equitable to a medical professional, basic level training can assist him or her to more easily spot precarious situations and act appropriately. Often, prompt action results in saved lives, whether it is due to an escalated illness or a moderate to severe injury, therefore it is important for staff to know what to do and act accordingly during an emergency where someone is hurt or sick.

Wanting to help someone who is incapacitated due to injury or illness might be instinct for some employees, but it does not mean someone knows what they are doing. Someone trained in administering first aid is usually capable of responding properly to an incident where initial care stands a good chance of being the difference between life and death.

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First Aid Training May Be Able to Reduce Pain in Injured or Sick Employees

One of the most important aspects of being trained in first aid is being able to lessen or relieve pain. Although pain may not be the priority when measured against a serious injury, it helps tremendously with minor injuries. An injured staff member may even be able to avoid going to the hospital if first aid is administered promptly, and pain is controlled through conventional means. Sometimes an ice pack is enough to avoid the emergency room to seek more advanced pain control.

Knowing Employees on Staff Are Well Versed in First Aid, BLS Certified or Getting a BLS Renewal Will Result in Other Worker Being More Productive

Employers with at least one employee trained in first aid are much more relaxed, and if other employees know, they will usually feel more at ease too. It all contributes to a more positive and happier workplace. Employees will feel cared for and secure with someone with some type of medical training working with them, which will result in the feeling that work is a safe place and morale will be high because of this, especially with at least one BLS certified employee.

It is important to keep a BLS certified employee on staff, and it is better to keep them scattered throughout a myriad of departments. If an employee needs a renewal for their BLS, it is important to assist them. Make sure they are paid according to their job skill, which includes being BLS certified. It is worth it, and it may decrease insurance depending on who the business carries.

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