3 Qualities to Look For in Your Company’s Marketing Manager

Sunday, January 28, 2018

3 Qualities to Look For in Your Company’s Marketing Manager

In a world and industry that is characterized by evolution, how do you determine the best traits to look for in a marketing manager? When it comes to hiring an accountant or IT specialist, you know the skill set and capabilities to look for. However, unlike these positions, marketing has changed significantly over the years. Technology has changed the face of marketing and the job descriptions of individuals who fit in this post. Today’s marketing specialists have to be on top of trends in the industry, understand social media, digital content, and analytics.

Today, marketing is more than just issuing press releases and updating the business websites. Marketers need to keep their customers engaged online so as to attract and retain potential clients. In this light, the following are some of the top things that you should look for in a marketing manager in today’s digital age.

Technical skills

Technology has and will continue to influence how marketing is done in today’s industries. For this reason, hiring a marketing specialist who possesses technical skills is no longer an option but a necessity. Technology is not to be left to the IT specialists as was the case a few decades ago. Marketers are dealing with websites, analytics, social media, and other online platforms, and they should be well-versed with the. The manager should be tech savvy. They should be able to utilize apps and relationship-building tools to increase customer engagement and boost the company’s online visibility.

Although marketing managers will depend on technical innovators to develop tools, they should be in a position to make recommendations. Based on their interaction with clients, they should know what the target demographic wants and how best to deliver it. This way, they can work together with the creators and developers to come up with functional tools that will provide the expected results.

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Storytelling Abilities

There is no better way to engage your clients and potential customers than through storytelling. Online users love engaging, fun, and informative content. Unfortunately, most businesses present their content in an overly serious tone that can quickly put off clients. Hire a marketing manager who has the ability to engage your readers through stories and exciting content that will grab and retain their attention. Storytelling is crucial in customer relationship marketing. As clients engage their emotions and mind in your stories, they relate better to the brand, and this helps you to build tightly-knit relationships with them.

When creating stories, your marketing manager should be able to market your brand or product as well. This should be presented in a subtle way such that it doesn’t feel like an advertisement. Customers feel valued when you create content that does not indicate how desperate you are to market your product. As much as you may be desperate, try not to show it by changing how you present your adverts online. A good marketing manager should enable you to achieve that.

Appreciation for trends

As aforementioned, technology has caused a stir in the marketing industry, and this has led to significant innovations over the years. What was hot in the 90s may no longer work in marketing today. Similarly, the current trends may not work for businesses a few years from now. In this light, it is critical to hire a marketing manager who is at the pulse of trends and innovations. What are other marketers doing that’s drawing clients through their front doors? What are potential customers saying? Does the individual know how to utilize analytics and other tools to understand preferences and emerging social trends? A manager who has a genuine interest in the current trends in the marketing and business sphere as a whole will be a great addition to your company.

Marketing is not what it used to be a few decades ago. As a company that aims to remain relevant in today’s tech-savvy world, there is a need to hire talent that recognizes the role of technology in today’s businesses. Take the time to interview various potential managers and assess their capabilities before settling for the right one.

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