Ways Healthcare Costs Can Be Cut Using New Startups

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ways Healthcare Costs Can Be Cut Using New Startups

Do you want to clear a room fast in America? Just mention healthcare. The fact is many Americans have no idea what is going on. With high hopes, people supported the plan nicknamed Obamacare. Many people got insurance coverage that did not have it before. Many people with long-term illnesses were able to keep their healthcare. While that is honorable and wonderful, many middle-class Americans got the shock of the century when they got their renewals.

The healthcare plans we were guaranteed to be able to keep suddenly doubled or tripled in cost. If that price was more than you could handle you were stuck because the law says you have insurance or you pay a fine at tax time.

If anyone had the misconception that new administration was going to help those of us who got the punch in the gut, they are quickly losing that dream. As Washington fights the battle, healthcare has become clear as mud to the rest of us.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well

Businessmen who have been watching this mess are on full alert. They see a much-needed bridge between the supply and demand of healthcare and they are coming forward in big numbers with startup companies that are throwing the middle-class citizens a lifeline. These startup companies are using technology, common sense, and the strength of numbers to pull back the curtain of the future of healthcare.

The first step is to help consumers find the right plan. The plan must be designed around their personal needs and not one-size-fits-all mentality. Industry leaders healthcare.com stepped to the plate and started helping the consumer find their best healthcare plan by healthcare.com. Other companies like healthmarket.com help Medicare patients receive the maximum benefits and help them cut through the red tape.

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It is a new day

Startups are taking advantage of technology. There are ways to connect the patient to the doctor for many illnesses that do not require the patient to be sitting feet away. Qualified doctors with the use of telephone, internet connections, Skype (in the event that the doctor needs to actually see you) and virtual offices speak with the patient and get work with them to get basic care and prescriptions. Virtual offices record every “visit” and give specific instructions. Payment is made via credit card.

So, how does this save money? In many cases, the cost for seeing a patient is much less. The doctor has less overhead expenses and that flows down to you. You save time and money and have easy access to health care providers.

Other ways technology makes this system work

We live in the era of smartphones, Fitbits, and very sophisticated electronics. A patient can monitor their blood pressure, blood sugar, and other vitals by wearing a device. The device alerts them if something is wrong. The device can be uploaded to the computer and a doctor has a complete account of what your personal issues were during that time period.

Startups are just breaking ground and the sky's the limit. People will seek the healthcare they need and have preventative visits if they can do so easily and affordably.

By  Wendy Dessler Embed

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