How to Hire Top-Tier Talent

Friday, November 3, 2017

How to Hire Top-tier Talent

If you’ve attempted to hire a top-tier talent lately, you already understand how difficult it can be. Employees with proven skills in almost all fields are getting harder and harder to find and hire. Unfortunately, most companies are still behaving as if it is the job of applicants to sell them on why they need the job, and the employer has no need to sell to the candidate on the reasons they should accept the job.

Smart companies have a few secrets for winning the talent wars. Here are the strategies that they use, and you can follow them to succeed just as they do.

Define the Right Candidate

Before you start looking for a new employee, get to know clearly what you need. As the human resource manager, talk with the managers who will be working directly with the employee so as to have a clear understanding of the type of candidate that you really need. What’s more, set expectations with them about the type of skills you will be able your hire within your budget.

Get Out and Meet People

After defining the right candidate, expand your potential pool of applicants. Remember, the greater the number of incoming resumes, the better for your organization. When expecting the review a large pool of applicants, it only makes sense to expand the advertising necessary to generate the right number of resumes.

Yet still, advertising alone probably won’t be enough. This is the reason you need to do a little bit of networking as well. Use personal recommendations from a pool of industry professionals to help you reduce question marks about some employees. You can work with a search firm to locate qualified candidates. These firms would take on all the tasks associated with hiring and save you a lot of time and resources. They house experts in the hiring process, which further improves your chances of locating the right talent. And also since professional search and recruitment firms are concerned about developing and maintaining a good reputation, they work extremely hard to find the best talents for their clients.

Whip Your Organization into the Right Shape

You obviously want to sell to all your best candidates on the reasons they should accept the job. Ensure your organization is running efficiently. If you are in a career in physical therapy, consider whether your clinicians take most of their time performing patient care or can't do this because they are overburdened by administrative works. As you do this, look out for opportunities for improvement, and use this opportunity to address any issues that emerge head-on.

You must also impress to avoid the risk of losing the right candidate
Regardless of the solutions that are best for your organization, do a thorough analysis of all your processes and procedures. And evaluate the organization’s benefits and ensure you offer more than competitive salaries and health insurance. This way, you will be able to boost your productivity. The better your organization works and also the better your benefits package is, the more appealing you will be to your new employees.

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Handle the Interview Efficiently

Ask the right questions so as to get the right answers. Interviewing is a bit of a game - both the employer and the applicant are on their best behavior and it can be difficult to get to know one another well within just a span of about an hour. That’s the reason the right questions matter a lot. It’s fine to ask the common interview questions on work experience and academic qualifications. However, you must be able to go beyond these. Further, go beyond questions and look at how the applicant dresses and carries him/herself up. Take important considerations that will enable you to tell whether the person is serious and interested in the job.

You must also impress to avoid the risk of losing the right candidate. Ensure the location of the interview is both professional and welcoming. Your communication abilities ought to be solid as well.

Armed with these tips, you are assured of locating the right top-tier talent. All you need to focus on now after locating these employees is retaining them.

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