CRMs: Creating Time For High Priority Tasks

Monday, November 6, 2017

CRMs: Creating Time For High Priority Tasks

Sometimes it seems as if there is not enough time in the work day, or even the regular day, to get done the tasks that need completed. Emails pile up, phone calls need to be made and meetings need to occur. Sometimes it can seem that the more unimportant tasks take up all the time, while more important issues get sidetracked or are rushed. 

Learning how to prioritize tasks can help, but sometimes there just seems to simply be not enough time to get everything done. So, how can you create a bit more time in your work day for high priority tasks? One way to do just that is by using Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM for short. Below is a list of a variety of ways that CRM software can help you create time for high priority tasks in your business that need to get done.

1. Business Management

This idea for a CRM use is taken from Phylicia Joannis' article on Merchant Maverick. The basic idea here is that CRM programs can consolidate a lot of different aspects of your business contacts, from emails to sales activity. This can help with conducting customer data analytics. By consolidating all this information into one convenient and easy to navigate hub, CRMs can save you countless hours and headaches. Depending on what type of CRM software you purchase, you may also have the ability to track inventory, which can also help with saving time and energy. All in all, this practical use of CRM software alone may be enough to create valuable time for higher priority tasks that need accomplished.
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2. Social Media Integration

This use of CRM software is also from Joannis' article. It also is linked with the point above in that it is a consolidation. What certain CRM software can do is bring all your social media outlets onto one platform for your customers. This is a great asset, as this enables you to easily access and monitor your company's social media, as well as enabling your customers to have access to all your business' outlets in one platform. This is all great, but how is it a benefit for you? In essence, it saves time through ease. Because all your social media outlets are brought together, you and your customers can more quickly access them, thus freeing up time for other important tasks you need to accomplish.

3. Marketing

One of the ways that CRM software can help with your company's marketing campaign is by segmentation, claims Camilla Graue in her article on SuperOffice. The idea is that to have an effective marketing campaign you need to be able to properly segment your potential clients. This helps make your marketing approach more personal and less one-size-fits-all. Again, the power of CRM programs is their ability to make certain processes easier and less time consuming. A CRM program can help you quickly and easily personalize your advertising campaign by making categories or segments of data. Thus, with a few clicks of a mouse you can have emails sent to a specific target market. Trying to find every potential client individually would take far longer than this approach. By utilizing this incredible tool you are able to potentially save countless precious hours in focusing your marketing. These working hours are suddenly free to be spent on other high priority tasks as a result.

In the end, we all could use a bit more time to complete important tasks. Despite our best efforts, sometimes it seems that we simply do not have enough time to complete these tasks. However, by utilizing CRM software, you may be able to lessen time spent on busy work, thus freeing up time for high priority tasks that need done.

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