3 Tips for Making Money Investing in Bitcoin

Thursday, November 2, 2017

3 Tips for Making Money Investing in Bitcoin

Investing is one of the best ways to increase your income. There are various different asset classes to choose from. One of the hottest investments right now is Bitcoin. This is a currency that various people are interested in. With all of the different investment options today, this cryptocurrency should have a place in your portfolio.

This asset class is one of the most volatile in the entire market. If you are prepared to take on a lot of risks, you should consider investing in this area.

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Buy Dips

The entire cryptocurrency asset class is volatile. This means that there are days when the price is up or down by several percentage points. With this volatility, it gives investors plenty of options for buying when the price is low.

As an investor, it is vital to time your investments at the right time. There are few people who actually understand what Bitcoin can do for the economy. This means that a lot of people commenting on the investment have no idea what they are talking about. There are plenty of examples of Bitcoin dropping in price when someone says that it is a fad or will not last. These are perfect opportunities to purchase Bitcoin for a lower cost and make a higher return.

IRA Options

With the popularity of Bitcoin increasing every day, there are more IRA options than ever in this area. A self directed IRA is a great option if you want some additional financial exposure to Bitcoin. There are various tax advantages to investing in Bitcoin through an IRA. Not only will you save money on taxes, but it will be much less complicated for you overall.

Before you decide on the type of IRA you want to use, it is a good idea to work with a financial planning professional. They have a lot of education around the subject of investing and saving money on taxes. If you do invest through an IRA, there are restrictions on when you can pull your money out. This is vital information to understand before you decide to invest your money.

Do Your Research

Bitcoin is a complicated investment option to understand. There are few resources that can adequately explain all of the applications for Bitcoin in our economy. Before you invest any money, the best advice is to spend several weeks or months conducting proper research on the subject. The more research you conduct, the more confidence you will have in your investments.

If the price of Bitcoin drops after you invest, you need to hold onto your investment. There are many people losing money every day because they sell too quickly. With this asset class, there are going to be days where the price drops by five or ten percent. You need to be prepared emotionally for these major swings. At times, it may seem like the price of Bitcoin is random. However, once you do more research on this investment, you will start to understand the variables that impact the overall price of Bitcoin.


Finding a Broker

There are various online investing options if you want to invest in Bitcoin. You need to make sure the website you are using has a secure payment method. One of the biggest issues with cryptocurrency is that it is easy for hackers to steal. If you have your investment stolen, you have no recourse to get it back.

Some websites do not spend as much time or money on security as they should. As a result, some investors end up losing their investment. You may need to look at several brokers before deciding on the right one to use.

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  1. It may be a bubble, but Bitcoin has gone up so much this year! Glad we have a few!