How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The biggest challenge that faces most businesses today is leveraging social media to drive traffic. Social media has great potential to be your biggest source of traffic. However, it requires lots of effort and time to maintain.

Occasional Facebook updates or tweets are not adequate to get a response from your clients. Read on to know ways in which you can use social media to drive traffic to your website.

Use visuals

You can inspire your audience with the use of visuals. This is crucial because first impressions are crucial. Most people make decisions based on the visuals that they see. When customers can view product demos or videos, they are more likely to purchase right there than when they read text reviews.

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Shareable content

Every business owner or marketer should understand the importance of mobile-friendly websites. We are living in a mobile age and most people spend their time on the internet using mobile devices. This means that your web content should be readable and easy to share. Share buttons on mobile devices are crucial to driving social media traffic to your website.

Boost your SEO

Most people want their content to be shareable. However, you must also ensure that the content is shared effectively and correctly. Digital marketing has developed immensely and you must up your SEO best practices. Boosting your search engine optimization techniques will boost your online visibility, generate more leads and sales, augment your social media traffic and enable you to directly connect with your audience.

Understand your audience

If you want to build your Instagram followers, you should be consistent. The more regular you are with your social media publishing; the higher the chances of being seen. You should not slow down even if you see an increase in your social media traffic. Having a consistent publishing schedule is important for the effective building of social media traffic. You should know how much to post on your website and at what times.

Study your competitors

Knowing how your competitors are doing is a great marketing strategy. You can dissect your social media traffic by using social media competitor analysis. Competitor analysis will help you assess major performance metrics and know how similar audiences respond to the social posts of your competitors. Getting insight from your competitors will give you an idea of how to successfully build your social media audience.

Utilize sponsored content or paid promotion

Paid promotions are one of the fastest ways of driving more organic traffic from your social media accounts. Sponsored content or paid promotion can add fuel to your fire, especially when you are implementing a solid social media strategy. You can promote new traffic and expose more people to your website content by experimenting with various target options such as gender, interests, industry, and location.

Social media is a great way of getting new leads and driving them to your business website. This is crucial because more traffic will translate to more sales and profits that will boost your business. Make sure that you try out different types of content to know what yields more clicks, shares, impressions, and comments. This will give you a perfect idea that will help you create a profitable social media strategy.

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