Exploring the Primary Methods of Digital Marketing

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Exploring the Primary Methods of Digital Marketing

Small business website design is not difficult, but there are multiple elements involved in the process. The first is choosing the type of digital marketing that you want to utilize to promote your website and business.

Getting to learn more about the primary methods makes it easier to see which would most benefit your business.

Email Marketing

This is a type of direct marketing that has been successful since the internet’s inception. You will craft an email for the purpose of encouraging people to buy services or products. It is important that the content of the email not feel like a sales pitch. It should be personalized to the reader and it should offer something of value. For example, a fact associated with your business or industry, or a link to an article that solves a problem.

You also need to send these emails at the right volume. Too few or too many hurts your digital marketing efforts. To ensure subscribers are not overwhelmed with emails and to make sure that you are keeping them interested, a frequency of one email every two weeks is considered to be ideal.

Affiliate Marketing

Give people the chance to earn some money while also helping you to increase sales. This is the gist of affiliate marketing and it works. Those who sign up will promote your products and services. When someone uses one of their links to make a purchase, they earn a small commission. You determine the commission percentage and how many affiliate marketing spots you want to make available.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your small business website design has to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) to be easily found by the masses. This is not exclusively a marketing technique, but it essentially plays into all of your website’s advertising efforts. The first step is researching relevant keywords that people are searching for. Sprinkle these into your content at a density of one to three percent, but make sure to incorporate them naturally.

Your primary keyword needs to be in your first paragraph and title at the very least. It is ideal that you also use it in your concluding paragraph, meta data and once elsewhere in the body of your content. If a primary keyword is awkward, such as “construction company Cleveland,” you can use a stop word to improve its flow. For example, use “in” as a stop word so that it reads “construction company in Cleveland.”

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Social Media Marketing

Every business needs to be on social media and this is even more critical for a small business. You are able to use these platforms to engage with customers and clients, as well as advertise what your business has to offer. At the most basic tier, there is no cost involved with this marketing method either, making it the perfect choice when you have a small marketing budget, but you need a method that produces results.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is a method people often equate to the old days of the internet, but it is just as effective today. In fact, due to new technologies and methods, it can be even more effective. When you have a small business with a small budget, this method can be even more helpful. Utilize this strategy to target consumers at all elements of the buying funnel. This allows you to determine when they are most ready to buy so that you can hook them at the perfect moment.

With this information, you can evaluate the digital marketing needs of your business and decide which methods will be most beneficial. This ensures that you are getting the promotion and exposure necessary and that you are able to meet your marketing goals.

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