5 Ways Automation Apps are Changing the Security Industry

Monday, October 23, 2017

5 Ways Automation Apps are Changing the Security Industry

Automation is increasingly becoming the trending technology in most industries, businesses, and homeowners. Automated systems comprise of elements specifically designed to carry out programmed tasks. Repetitive tasks become simpler with the incorporation of automated apps with appliances.


Security is an important aspect for homeowners. With automation, you can control your home security system with the ADT Pulse app both at home and away from home. Here, you remotely arm or disarm your alarm system to receive emails and text messages about ongoing activities at home. You can increase your home security through automated home products including door locks.

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Cost Reduction

Reducing cost is beneficial for both businesses and homeowners. Cost reduction is enhanced by promoting energy efficient practices. Remotely powering off appliances and systems when you are not using can be achieved through applying standard home automation products. You can get active control of powering your appliances. Therefore, you can save money when you reduce the cost of paying for electricity bills.


Automation provides you with comfort everywhere. First, you can control your home security system with the Pulse app from work or at home to check whether there is a water leak. Secondly, you can control the temperature of your house when it is either high or low through a Sensei™ Wi-Fi Thermostats on your mobile app. Therefore, achieving comfort is made easier and simpler with automation.

Peace of Mind

Automation apps promote peace of mind. You do not need to worry about tasks like locking doors, switching off lights, or the television. Home automation apps like SmartThings gives you control over all objects by connecting devices and sensors to the SmartThings platform. This app will alert you if you forgot to switch off lights and it allows you to remotely fix that problem.

Reliable Operations

Lastly, automation enhances reliability in enterprises such as in the IT operations department. An effective operations person should have high technical skills and content publishing buttons. However, the person may have difficulty with performing repetitive and boring tasks. Errors are also prone to occur because of the human factor. Automation operations ensure that all jobs of an enterprise including communication, job delegation, and performing backups are conducted successfully. Therefore, an automated system ensures that functions are performed reliably.

In conclusion, automated systems make work easier. For instance, safety is enhanced when there is an incorporation of automation apps with security systems. Automated systems save you money by enhancing energy efficient practices. Therefore, homeowners or businesses adopting automated systems tend to reap more benefits in their operations.

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