5 Amazing Ways Business Technology Is Evolving

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

5 Amazing Ways Business Technology Is Evolving

The world of modern business and the technology it uses are in a constant state of evolutionary change. It can often be difficult to keep up with the rapid changes that take place, because there are so many advancements hitting the market each and every day.

With too many to count, it is, nevertheless, a good practice to take notice of some of the more interesting technological twists that are disrupting industries and making headlines. Here are five business-centric technologies that have made some amazing transformations and a few waves to go along with them.

3D Printing

For years companies were stuck printing on paper. Today’s printers allow companies to rewrite their logistics process to getting closer to needing only raw materials for the printing process, since they can print many parts and products they need with 3D printer technology. As this technology becomes more mainstream, it is likely going to become both cheaper and more accessible to a variety of divergent business models. It may only be a matter of time before 3D printing becomes something more closely representative of a Star Trek replicator. That would seem to be the next natural step in the evolution of this thriving technology that drives business forward today.

The Mobile Gig Economy

With the advent of business models like Uber, the business world is undergoing a major evolutionary change from a static work model to a more dynamic mobile-based gig economic model. With people being able to grab gigs, short contract or freelance jobs, on the fly, this means that the need to reside in a permanent job is rapidly becoming something of an outdated business model. In some ways, this suggests that the employee of the future will be potentially more highly skilled in a diverse number of areas than the average employee has been in the past. By juggling dozens of different types of freelance tasks in a more globalized gig economy, this could potentially make it easier for people to not get burnt out doing the same thing day in and day out.

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ERP Software

As business aspirations grow to meet new challenges, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software through companies like Maximum Computer Systems steps in pace with industry demands. By providing software modules that are all integrated into the ERP hierarchy, a company can automate and control many of its back office operations from a central database. This makes it possible not only to run modern businesses more efficiently, but also make it easier to integrate and merge businesses too. It will end up being merely a matter of treating each ERP-based business like a module to a larger ERP construct. Look into NetSuite software options for your business and enjoy the results.

Big Data

As the term implies, Big Data involves massive data reserves that require some special analytical approaches and tools to harness and deal with in a manageable way. Once manhandled with the latest tools for dealing with Big Data sets, companies are able to transform many aspects about how they operate—especially in the area of marketing. Big Data gives companies such intricate detail to observe, concerning the inherent data of market trends, it is speculated that it may be even possible to predict the future with such a command of these vast data reserves.

Artificial Intelligence

While there is some skepticism looming over how much of IBM’s Watson project is real cognitive computing and how much is hype, there is little doubt to the value of developing a primitive solution to a cognitive-based artificially intelligent network. Even if Watson is not the real deal in terms of replacing human intuition, it is, nevertheless, good enough to engage some rather lofty business problems with brute digital processing force. So much so that humanity should begin to be a little concerned as to its own employable relevance as businesses figure out new ways to utilize the raw power of Watson and similar AI systems.

Technology is constantly evolving in the business world. As new advancements stand on the shoulders of older methods and yesterday’s technologies, new heights in the reach and capabilities of business-related technologies are forged by the necessity that calls them into being. As for how far these evolutionary trends can push the envelope, the simple answer is that nobody really knows.

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