The Best Big Data Analysis in a Business

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Best Big Data Analysis in a Business

Every organization takes its data as the most useful asset in its venture. Therefore, data analytic tools are considered the most helpful tools in such organizations. However, it is always important to understand the idea of data analysis and figure out the best tool for any work you may have.

There are many types of data tools out in the market which help people in saving time as well as money in their various ventures. Navigating in the world of such prevalent tools could, however, be a tricky thing to do.

Importance of Data Analytics in a Company

Every company that is not embracing the use of data analytic tools is gradually falling apart. This is because the tools are very useful in capturing data that entail the various perspectives of any given venture.

As a firm becomes more fast-paced and technology-driven, data analytics become increasingly vital in every undertaking. This is due to their ability to:

  • Analyze, store, interpret as well as deliver information in meaningful ways.
  • Predict the behavior and trends of customers
  • Improve decision making effectiveness
  • Analyze and predict the company productivity in such a venture.

The role played by such components assists the managers and business owners to smoothly run the business and make the best market decisions possible. This leads to increased profits in a firm, effectiveness in production, and achieving the set goals in that company.

Data analyzing is more than just presenting some metrics of figures to the managements. Instead, it is a very deep approach that entails analyzing, recording, dissecting as well as interpreting the findings on a given platform. To perform such tasks, the best data analysts in any firm must have the ability to:
  • To explore and comprehend the meaning behind any figures in the data
  • Understand the objectives and direction of a firm.
  • Present great technical insights by the use of an easy-to-understand language.
  • Explore the cause of various events based on the collected data

Nevertheless choosing the right analytic tools will require the business owner to understand various components in a given market. For instance, there is need to understand the way that technology will integrate with the prevailing market strategies, what analytics to track, the tools in the market among other factors.

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The Best Tools for Big Data Analysis

In case a company will be dealing with big data, there is a need to understand the strategies to use in storing it in the best way. The information technology world has grown to much the kind of information required in various industries. Data has become too broad for traditional ways of storage to handle and thus the need for the use of high tech- analytic tools. Some of the best tools are discussed below.


This is known to be an open-source software framework. It is useful in the storage of large datasets in computer clusters. With such complete Hadoop tools, one can scale the data up or down without worrying about any hardware failures. The tools also offer massive amounts of storage capacity for any data a company may have. The processing power is enormous, and its ability to handle various concurrent tasks is beyond measure.


Most people see Cloudera as just a brand name of Hadoop. However, this tool has additional services on it. The tools help any business to build enterprise data hub, which allows people to access the data in storage effectively.


This is a modern, start-up approach tool to databases. The tools are great in managing frequently changing, unstructured or semi-structured data. They are also used in mobile app data storages, time personalization, application delivering as well as content management.


Talend is a great tool which used in all kinds and stages of business. They are known for managing application and processing the most complex and multiple data entering in a given company.

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