Jobs of the Future - AI Interaction Designer

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jobs of the Future - AI Interaction Designer

Many of the “jobs of the future” are here already, and some didn’t even exist a decade ago. One such job is AI Interaction Designer, as the team at recently shared. 

Every decade it seems that jobs appear that weren't on anyone's horizon in the previous 10 years. From web designer, to Uber driver to genetic engineer, the exponential path of technology keeps changing our expectations of work, and what we do to make a living. One such career that is begining to take shape is that of artificial intelligence interaction designer.

According to 'Work Futurist' Josh Catone, the job of an AI Interaction Designer is to make sure that anything the AI agents they develop say is helpful, coherent, makes sense  and gets users closer to their goal. Interaction designers create and maintain the personality of their AI agents and make the experience of interacting with them as natural and efficient as possible.

"Interaction designers create and maintain the personality of their AI agents and make the experience of interacting with them as natural and efficient as possible," he writes.

Diane Kim AI Interaction Designer
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In an article published on the site, Catone profiles Diane Kim, an AI Interaction Designer. Kim, 22, works  at, a New York-based start-up offering an artificial intelligence assistant to help people schedule meetings. pitches clients on the idea that, through A.I., they get the benefits of a human assistant — saving the time and hassle of scheduling a meeting.

Similar to contemporary user experience (UX) design, Kim thinks about how simply written sentences impact user outcomes. In her role, Kim has to keep in mind a user journey and the next action the user needs to take to perform a task. In terms of AI, that means spending a lot of time thinking about things like dialog structure, phrasing, grammar, and, word choice—natural language understanding.

“One of the more helpful exercises for me,” says Kim, “has been to ask myself, ‘Okay, if I was a personal assistant, trying to be the best personal assistant I can be, how would write this [response]?’”

As Kim finds, it is not the same for every AI system. Where Siri might ask, “How can I help you today?”  It’s the job of the AI Interaction Designer to think through each interaction and figure out how the AI should respond to effectively do what it is designed to do.

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Want to become an AI Interaction Designer?

Becoming an AI Interaction Designer requires a diverse multidisciplinary mix of skills: part psychology, to understand the user;  a grasp of linguistics; some computer science to work cohesively with software developers and to prototype scenarios, and creativity. For example, Kim's background is in cognitive science with a focus on computation.

“I think having some understanding of psychology or linguistics along with some computer science,” would be helpful for this kind of role, she states.

Kim gets satisfaction when people fail to realize that the assistants she helps design are robots. People ask them out on dates. They receive thank-you emails from happy customers even though, as robots, they don’t need gratitude.

“They’re shocked and surprised that they were talking to an AI,” she told the New York Times.

As with other “jobs of the future,” this role is one that’s still being defined. “Even for me, the job has sort of evolved,” says Kim. “I’m finding myself doing different things every single day.”


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