How Women are Breaking into Web Design Today

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How Women are Breaking into Web Design Today

In 2014, Google published a report that showed a lack of gender diversity in the workplace. Only 30 percent of the 70,000+ employees were women. Since then, the search engine giant has been improving their efforts to attract and hire female engineers in the workforce, with the numbers increasing by at least one percent.

Google isn't the only company that's pushing for more diversity in the tech industry. Competitors and smaller businesses have been following suit. To take advantage of this changing landscape, here are three ways to get a web design job for as a modern women.

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Verbal and Written Skills

As a web designer, you'll be working with team members and other departments to update existing code, write new features and plugins, and launch products/services from the ground up. Clear and concise sentences when chatting with coworkers, emailing superiors or clients, and solid verbal communication skills to relay instructions and information are invaluable to any workplace and pivotal to completing tasks in a timely manner. Being able to express yourself clearly and concisely can also qualify you for a managerial or senior web design position. Demonstrate these skills with your own writing, your correspondence before and after the interview, and on your resume.

Logic and Problem Solving

Web designers run into various problems on a daily basis. In fact, regularly encountering problems is a given in the programming realm, so get comfortable with the idea that you might make errors when coding. Solving problems through a logical approach and not folding under pressure are key traits to have as a web designer. You'll get to showcase your problem-solving skills during your interview, so prepare in advance to code on a whiteboard and literally speak your mind while going through the steps to solve it.

Technical Knowledge

Along with some of these soft skills, you’ll need to have the actual technical knowledge and education to see you through any internet-based career. Be sure you are well versed in common programs like word and excel, as well as suites like Google Apps. You should also have a basic knowledge of code like HTML or CSS. Knowing how to interact with a variety of code on different web hosting programs can help put you a league ahead of the competition.


It often seems like women are innately more organized than men. Leaning towards order can be a valuable skill when applied to your work. As a female web designer, this can translate to better prioritization of daily tasks, timely completion of projects, and an overall less stressful lifestyle in the workplace. Organization can also help you make better decisions, like choosing what technologies best work for specific products and applications.

There's no secret that women are continuing to break gender barriers that have limited their career potential. As a woman interested in the tech industry, use the three skills to get better web design work that has an equally generous salary and perks.

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