How AI is Changing the Digital Marketing Business

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How AI is Changing the Digital Marketing Business

Artificial intelligence is in every entrepreneur’s lips. With the robust digital marketing business, competition is extremely high. The difference comes when you get it right with your customers through elaborate engagements and providing solutions to their problems. Trust me AI is the future of digital marketing; changing and revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs interact with their customers and the world at large.

With the ever growing technological developments, there is also a shift in the way entrepreneurs perceive the world around them. With AI in place, entrepreneurs are able to enhance their customer experience by predicting and providing solutions to their needs. Just take this scenario whereby in the middle of the night, when all your staff are asleep, and a customer mentions your brand in a tweet requesting to know when a certain product will be available. With a properly integrated AI, the customer receives an immediate answer on the same rather than waiting until morning when one of the staff members responds to the query. Though tough it may seem at the beginning, if done correctly, you can be sure of amazing results.

Before we delve deeper on how AI is going to change the future of digital marketing, let’s first understand some basics about the technology.

Do not pit your staff and AI against each other

Well, you need to understand that Artificial Intelligence is not meant to replace humans but rather to make their work easier. By predicting customer needs, AI then enables the staff to address the same needs in the best way possible. For instance, Maple, a delivery-only restaurant in the NYC and powered by AI, the technology plans delivery routes, tells the ingredients needed and even forecasts on the most popular dishes for a specific day based on time and weather condition. You can see that this technology simply helps to make work easier by providing all the necessary information needed quickly but cannot serve as a replacement for workers such as cooks, restaurant managers and delivery drivers.

Other crucial things you need to consider is avoiding drowning customers or team members in AI by limiting the number of interactions customers have with a product and ensuring organic interaction between your brand and customers by studying and understanding the best time to get in customers’ heads

Why we believe AI is the future of digital marketing

  • No more guesswork in marketing

According to EMarketer Predicts, more than 55% of digital marketing money will be directed toward programmatic initiatives in 2015 simply because there is a steady rise in computer speeds and machine learning as opposed to human analysis. The figures are projected to rise in the future as more brands shift focus to programmatic ad buys. AI technology is indeed allowing marketers to understand their customers on a personal and intricate level.

AI is simply tailored to the target audience ensuring every ad is relevant. Unlike the previous days of blanket digital marketing full of disruptive marketing techniques like use of billboards along roadsides, AI is more focused to the recipients having clearly understood their needs. Most of the traditional digital marketing merely relied on guesses about what consumers may need based on a few details a company has regarding the target audience. The only shortcoming from such marketing strategies is failure to understand the context of individual consumer searches. This however can be fixed through Artificial Intelligence Learning.

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  • Creating connections and developing dialogues

Marketing generally has been a one-way channel except for the case of social media platforms. With the entry of AI, marketing is no longer going to be a one-sided conversation. With more improvements and evolution expected in this technology, you can be sure of better delivery to the right person, at the most opportune time, through the right channel and actually a two-way conversation with your customers in real time. AI will thus open the digital marketing industry such that personalized content is delivered and consumers allowed to give instant feedbacks on the same, ask questions and grasp the opportunities and offers by interacting with AI.

  • Making personalized advertising truly personal

The current process in programmatic ad buying mainly relies on a machine’s ability to make decisions. The machines usually run through to find out the previous search history of visitors, their location and search text syntax. Though these kinds of information are critical, they largely fall under the impersonal generic types. AI takes personalization of ads to a greater extent and delivers ads to users based on their entire search history avoiding users who have never interacted with a specific type of advertisement.

This means that any time a similar campaign is run; AI will know the users who are most likely to engage and those who cannot. This way, as an entrepreneur, you can engage with only the most relevant users. The power of digital marketing is of course is shifting to personalized marketing and AI is all you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Websites become easier for all

With AI, you will be able to increase user engagement since ads are now precisely targeted. This will save your brand significant revenue while conversions are kept high. This is what you have been looking for when placing ads on your website for users to view. A number of firms today rely on fewer ad placements and now with AI in place, you can be sure to earn more revenue with relevant ads targeted to specific users. This is likely to improve website user experience and above all increase engagement with the ads they see.

  • Human input takes a back seat

Currently, firms are employing various data analysts in marketing in the quest to uncover insights to make various business decisions. With AI in place, human input is likely to be transformed from the same role into other aspects of business. The role of chief marketing officers has been creating and sourcing content that will increase brand visibility thus increasing revenue.

AI is now tasked to handle such responsibilities with the CMOs tasked to handle other relevant responsibilities. There is absolutely no need any more for CMOs to adjust social media marketing campaigns according to new trends in the market. With AI adapting to changes in real-time, implementing various marketing campaigns will require less human input.

A combination of human input with AI is the best way to advance your social media marketing campaigns in the sense that brands will use AI to provide updates to changing markets and the CMOs putting them into account and applying them in the firm's’ campaigns. There is no better way to adapt to new changes in trends as they happen than using artificial intelligence. The only thing marketers will endeavor doing is establishing guidelines for the AI to make sure interactions with consumers are maintained within appropriate brand context.

  • Office hours will no longer be a question to worry about

With a number of traffic occurring outside working hours especially the weekends and at night, AI serves the purpose of optimizing interactions with brand customers. This happens in real-time even when the firm’s staff is asleep or off duty. This takes away the human aspect of handling all marketing campaigns that should focus on other subjective aspects of the marketing campaigns.

With AI doing much of the work a human would have, working hours will definitely become less restrictive. In fact, having AI in place will ensure proper tracking of all interactions, schedule updates and optimize content according to the expectations of users no matter the time of the day when most of the workers are off duty.

Embracing AI technology is essential in boosting digital marketing for your firm. You therefore need to harness the potential of AI to enrich your life and business in different ways. You now have all the time to concentrate on more subjective matters within your business that will ensure more revenue is generated.

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