Top 5 Trends in Wireless Home Automation

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Top 5 Trends in Wireless Home Automation

Are you looking for smart home solutions? Home automation comes with benefits such as ease of operation, remote control of systems and flexibility of devices.

Wireless solutions allow you to monitor home device functions by installing applications on your mobile smart phone, tablet, or computer. Also, wireless automation allows you to control various systems from any location away from home. The following are top trends in wireless home automation.

Home Security Systems

With fitted surveillance cameras, these systems incorporate wireless alarm devices that directly communicate with your mobile device. The cameras record everything that happens and relays the information to your smart phone. The system allows you to receive alerts every time your home entrance opens. Also, you can remotely arm or disarm the security system.

Automation of doors is another added feature in wireless security systems. You can program your own safety system to control your front doors. A sensor is placed on the door and the frame, such that when the door closes, it creates a security circuit. If the door suddenly opens the circuit breaks and is communicated to the system’s control panel.
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Heating and Cooling Systems

Automated air conditioning systems come with remote control features. With a wifi thermostat, you can control the temperature of individual rooms inside the house. Such thermostats also have sensors that control the entire cooling and heating system in your house.

When you travel, the wireless connectivity allows you to keep a tab on your furnace for safety. A WiFi unit also allows setting the temperature at different times of the day. With the application on your smart phone or tablet, you can monitor the changes in temperature while away. Additionally, the WiFi system lets you to control your HVAC system and send alerts if efficiency drops because of dirt accumulation, a clogged evaporator or a low refrigerant charge.

Wireless Lighting Control

Wireless lighting systems come with energy efficiency features for homes. The systems are flexible such that you can place control panels on your preferred location. As the needs of your space change, you can equally modify the location of your devices, remove or add new lighting by simple programming. Wireless lighting solutions also allow a single network to cover a large area at low additional costs.

Additional devices such as sensors utilize the same wireless system without the need to add individual control panels. A great advantage of wireless lighting is that you can turn on and off or dim lights at specified times during the day. Occupancy sensors, detect when someone enters a room which automatically turns the light on and switches them off when one leaves.

Hubs and Controllers

These devices allow you to control smart appliances in your home using a voice assistant. This means you can program your home devices to recognize your voice and follow your instructions. You only need to install an application on your smart phone and connect to devices using WiFi, Z-wave or ZigBee. Also, these gadgets can help you start video calls or select a music playlist and other functions.

Cleaning Devices

With smart home wireless technology, you can comfortably control your vacuum cleaner without necessarily moving it around. Wireless vacuums utilize fitted cameras for navigation, a smartphone application and internet connectivity such as WiFi. Also, the devices come with water jets that sprinkle water as it moves for effective cleaning.

Wireless home automation systems offer advanced security solutions with easy installation and operation. Also, with these systems, you can easily control tasks in your home, monitor different rooms and control lighting from applications on your smart phone. They are convenient, energy efficient and flexible not forgetting the remote control advantages.

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