Smart Shower: 4 New Technologies that are Being Used in the Bathroom

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

4 New Technologies that are Being Used in the Bathroom

Advanced technology is available for every room of the home. While media rooms and dens immediately come to mind when thinking of home technology, there are other high traffic areas that benefit from these modern conveniences. 

The bathroom is a great place to incorporate convenient up to date inventions. Read on for some great ways to update your bathroom area.

Waterproof Note-Taking Devices

If you have ever been struck by a brilliant idea while in the shower and lost it by the time you stepped out, a waterproof notebook is for you. There are waterproof paper notebooks with tear out pages and they can provide multiple uses since you can also take them with you in the outdoors regardless of conditions. Some come with hang straps and pencil attachments. Mountable whiteboards are another option for harnessing shower time inspiration and creativity. Decide whether you want a write and erase style or if a tear out waterproof notebook is more your style.

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Waterproof Televisions

If you are pressed on time to watch television or if you simply enjoy combining the shower experience with the television viewing experience, a waterproof television is a must. Many models come equipped with waterproof remotes and heated screens that ward off condensation. Some even serve double duty by acting as a mirror when not powered on for television purposes. There is an impressive range of sizes and styles available.

Bathroom Renovation

While incorporating bathroom technology, a full bathroom renovation project is another idea to explore. There are residential options currently available that are just as convenient and technologically advanced as those seen in commercial settings. For example, automatic motion sensor faucets are on the market, as are toilets with automatic lid openers. Some companies, like Kewco, know that other things, like heating options are also available for flooring and for drawers. Think warm bathrobes to slip in to and warm tiles to walk upon after a soothing bath or invigorating shower.

Bathroom Sound Systems

If you are interested in updating the bathroom but not doing a full renovation, sound options may be the way to go. There are plenty of waterproof bathroom speakers and hands free speakerphones on the market. Some shower speakers come with suction cups. In addition to proving worthwhile investments to use while in the bathroom, portable sound systems and speakers are also practical and helpful at outdoor pool settings and to use while boating.

View the bathroom as a multipurpose area prime for updating. It is a high traffic area and many updates such as motion sensor faucets even make the room more energy efficient and offer ways to use water wisely without even thinking about it. Being able to personalize the bath and shower experience makes grooming and hygiene more enjoyable and also a highly pampering experience. Think about what would best suit your needs and preferences and start taking strides to update your space.

By  Rachelle WilberEmbed


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