How AI Is Helping Brands With Influencer Marketing?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How AI Is Helping Brands With Influencer Marketing?

If you haven’t heard of artificial intelligence before, then you have probably been living under a rock. Maybe you have heard about this type of technology before, but you are not entirely sure what it means, what it does and what particular purposes it serves. In short, the term artificial intelligence refers to technology that has been developed in such a way that it possesses some kind of intelligence.

There are many examples of artificial intelligence technology both in the real world and, of course, in sci-fi movies. This particular type of technology is used actively in today’s society – in fact, there is a really good chance that you have interacted with some kind of artificial intelligence before without even realizing it.

Think about Facebook’s timeline that optimizes the posts you see based on numerous statistics. While you will see all of your friends’ posts in the beginning, the platform will start to learn more about you and show the more important posts first, followed by posts that may not be of significant importance to you. This is a basic example of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence And Internet Marketing

The world has moved from conducting business in a physical environment to working mostly on the internet. Instead of having to fly over to Japan, a CEO in the United States can now have a meeting with a company in Japan without even leaving his office – this can be done through a Skype meeting, for example. There are many more examples of how technology has made the business world more convenient. In this post, we do not want to tell you about how the internet has changed the way we do business, but rather discuss the advancements in artificial intelligence on the internet and how it affects a company’s ability to promote themselves on the internet.

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One of the most practical examples would be to look at search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also commonly known as SEO, is a technique that any person or company with a website can utilize to help them rank within the top pages of Google and other search engines for certain keywords they would like to target. The ranking process utilized by Google, Bing and all of the other major search engines all rely on artificial intelligence to determine which websites deserve a spot at the top positions of search results, and which ones should rather be pushed to the back. These artificial intelligent “bots” look at a significant number of factors when they decide how a particular website or certain pages of a website should rank for specific keywords. Google’s bot is called “RankBrain” and is known as one of the most advanced artificial intelligent technologies in existence at the moment.

Certain tools, such as SEMRush, an online application that internet marketers can use to collect valuable data about their own website’s metrics, as well as data on competitor websites, also utilizes advanced forms of artificial intelligence to help internet marketers find opportunities that will help them rank higher in search engines, and to suggest new keywords they can rank for, which will help them increase the success rate they are able to achieve on the internet. Many of these tools are appropriate for different types of internet marketing strategies, such as social media marketing and micro influencer marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Influencer Marketing Easier, Faster And More Effective

One particularly popular technique that is utilized by companies that promote their products and services to target audiences on the internet is influencer marketing. This particular type of marketing technique allows internet marketers to completely bypass ad-blockers, which are a collection of extensions that internet users can install to block advertisements from displaying on websites they visit. PageFair reports that as much as 615 million different devices are now equipped with adblock software and that at least 11% of all people that use the internet is also making use of adblock technology to avoid being bombarded with advertisements when they browse the web. The use of this technology is also increasing quite fast, with a 30% international growth seen in 2016 alone.

Furthermore, it seems like people of all ages are equally adapting to the use of adblock software and extensions. In the end, this means that companies and internet marketers that are utilizing the traditional methods of online advertising are losing out on quite a large number of potential leads and buyers. Thus, switching to a marketing tactic that is not affected by adblock technology – and that delivers a more personal approach to product and service marketing – is now the recommended way to do digital marketing.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are trying to get their “hands dirty” with influencer marketing, but they are not sure where to start, how to get started or who to choose for their campaign. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play – by offering a way in which companies can be matched with their perfect influencers; thus making the decision of choosing an influencer for their company easier and, of course, more effective in the end.

One particular example of how artificial intelligence is helping companies reach the right influencer is the Soulmate API, developed by the Influencer Orchestration Network, also known as ION. Murray Newlands reports on Forbes that this particular online tool allows companies to fill out information about their products and services, and then get matched with the most potential influencers in their niche. The AI utilized in the Soulmate API will consider quite a large number of factors when it matches the company’s profile to influencers. It is also equipped with numerous language databases that allow it to quickly determine what people are talking about on social media networks, blogs and other platforms that can be utilized for influencer marketing. In turn, this can then help the company choose an influencer that can boost their social media marketing efforts.
Final Words

Artificial intelligence is quickly advancing and is now being implemented in numerous industries to assist with improving the efficiency of different departments that play an essential role in the success of modern businesses. In this post, we explored how artificial intelligence is affecting companies that are utilizing influencer marketing as part of their digital promotional strategies to reach more companies, while avoiding the dreadful effects that adblockers have caused for many businesses that heavily rely on display ads and other types of advertising channels that are affected by these extensions and tools.

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