5 Ways to Feel Confident Your Home or Business is Secure

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

5 Ways to Feel Confident Your Home or Business is Secure

The headlines in local newspapers are filled with news about burglars taking advantage of homeowners and business owners vulnerability. Burglaries are up across the country. Burglars are clever criminals that look for soft targets in their chosen neighborhood.

Soft targets are properties that are easy to hit and run. In other words, they do not have a security system like ADT. ADT pulse makes your security system work for you. In addition, their property is easily accessible in the dark. However, there are several ways to feel confident your home or business is secure. Here is more to consider.

Install A Home Security System

Residential and business property owners should not overlook installing a professional grade security system. The fact is that a professional system will deter crime. Burglars and other criminals do not want to get caught on camera. They avoid properties with a security camera or security signs in view.

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Secure Windows & Doors

It just makes good common sense to make sure that the doors and windows are kept locked during the day and during the night. Criminals look for easy entry points like an unsecured window or door. Don't fall victim to a crime because you provided easy access to your property through unlocked windows and doors.

Outdoor Lighting

Criminals lurk through neighborhoods looking for properties that provide easy access in a hard to view area. Therefore, every property owner should light up the night with plenty of security lights installed around the perimeter of their property. Install motion sensor lights or regular security lights, to protect your property and keep criminals away.

Add More Security

Of course, a professionally installed security system is the top way to keep burglars and other criminals away. However, it is also a good idea to add an extra layer of security to your property. For example, a homeowner might add a dog to the household. The dog is a warning system that announces any strangers on the property or approaching the property. In addition, the bad guys avoid homes with loud, barking dogs. A business owner might add uniformed security, along with a guard dog to their business to walk the perimeter of the property during business hours and at night.

Criminals are always on the hunt for easy targets in the neighborhood. Fortify your home or business with the tips that are included here, to keep the bad guys out and your property safe.

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