5 Ways of Utilizing the Internet to Increase Conversions in Your Business

Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 Ways of Utilizing the Internet to Increase Conversions in Your Business

For businesses today, there is really no way to consider running your operation without the Internet. Cloud-based business tools for customer relationship management, data analytics and social media management can all help your business grow and thrive.

Here are a few examples of how the Internet can help you convert user numbers to sales.

1. Answer Your Customer's’ Questions

When customers are undecided about purchasing your product or service, quite often it is because they have unanswered questions. Including a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers on your website can help convince them.

Consider common questions you receive in your inbox and start saving some of the most frequent ones in a document. You can even anticipate questions that will come with a new service, or product. For example casino.com has an elaborate help page that answers all questions. New casino gamers will find such pages helpful. Similarly upwork.com has FAQ page to guide new users.

Along with making it easier for customers to commit to purchasing from you, FAQ pages also can be a business tool to help cut down on customer support costs, as users can pursue a self-service workflow.

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2. Creating Effective Customer Databases

Part of every internet-engaged business today is gathering, maintaining and growing a database of customers. Even if your product is not immediately perceived to be something that would engage repeat business, a database of satisfied customers could be available for your next venture, or product availability.

An effective customer database is all about knowing your customers. This tool enables you to; identify customer trends, create customer loyalty and increase customer communication.

For the long term, your customer database is one of the key value metrics of your business. Your products may evolve and become obsolete, but if your customer database is up-to-date and logging effective data points, you will always have the foundation for a new or evolving venture.

3. Exploring Customer Behavior with Analytics

With the wealth of data that can be collected via web tools today, even the smallest business can gather and analyse comprehensive customer use data.

With an effective customer database you can also use analytics tools to derive value for the raw customer data. Insights and actionable data can include:

Transforming and augmenting data into a more comprehensive version of your client with intentions, context, , and interactions. This can help you to target your customers and segment them accordingly.

Turning business data into insights, with scores, segments, recommendations and forecast. By using predictive modelling the tool in customer relationship management (CRM), that is used to target messaging to those customers who are most likely to make a purchase, data can be used to generate more accurate forecasts for your business, based on customer data.

Connecting with your customer in real time leads to increased conversion rates. Real time data analysis tools allow your business to be very flexible and responsive to the needs of your customers. This type of data can help you to focus priorities, to deliver and exceed your customer’s expectations. There is no better way to build loyalty to your brand.

4. Engaging with Users via Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools for persuading consumers through the conversion funnel. Followers on twitter, Pinterest and Facebook can gradually be converted from an awareness of your good or service, to action, and even to evangelism. According to Forbes, studies suggest that implementing features like social login on your website can increase signups considerably. While 86 percent of users will not sin options. Social media helps makes your business grow by first growing your user database on a different platform. It is much easier to turn someone who follows you on twitter into a buyer. Social media presence is not a nice-to-have part of business nowadays. It is an expectation of all customers.

5. Reach Even Greater Numbers with Mobile Presence

In the next five years, according to Silicon Valley investor Steve Jurvetson, the internet will see explosive growth in the developing world. The majority of these users will be viewing content exclusively on a mobile device.

Even in mature markets, consumers use mobile devices to browse, research, and even shop on the go.

For businesses today it is virtually a necessity to create a responsive website, or sometimes a complete mobile version of your web properties. This may increase your conversion rate dramatically. Like social media, a mobile-friendly presence is already an expectation in the business world.

Like every aspect of technology, the tools and processes are constantly changing. The pace of change means that conversion tools are no exception. So as a final bonus tip, do not neglect to be an active and engaged member of the greater business community online and in your area. Such networks can help you stay abreast of the latest tools and developments that may have a huge impact on your own business.

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