5 Tips to Maintain a Positive Company Culture While Expanding

Monday, August 14, 2017

5 Tips to Maintain a Positive Company Culture While Expanding

Are you in the process of expanding your company? As the business owner, you know you want to keep a positive atmosphere among your employees while growing. You also want to maintain the continuity of operations. You may have hired and trained most of the current employees yourself, but as you grow, you probably won’t be able to keep that up.

Here are five tips to keep your employees happy and positive as well as focused on the company goals while the company grows.

1. Stay Focused

Keep the business objectives clear and make sure your employees are familiar with them. Objectives can change from year to year or even month to month in some industries. That’s the only way to stay competitive. But by keeping your employees in the loop about the company’s projected future, it will keep them invested in their work.

2. Be Positive

Your company’s employee retention rate will be higher if you’re able to keep your employees feeling motivated and positive about both the business and their position. If employees aren't being utilized, managers need to move them to more challenging roles.
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3. Share Information

Company cultures break down when employees feel that they are out of the loop. No one wants to feel that their job would be easier if they just had the right information. They just always have the information necessary to do the job. Your company can use employee manuals along with business collaboration software on the company intranet to keep everyone apprised of what your business focuses on right now and where it is headed. Slack could be good option for communication.

4. Reward Employees for Performance

A small business needs a mixed menu of rewards that recognize employees for their contributions as individuals and as members of teams. Employees who are low performers may need some extra support from their managers so they can also earn recognition.

5. Weed Out Negativity

One of the biggest threats to any company culture is when employees become negative. They start complaining about working conditions, or a lack of recognition, and that negativity affects others. No one wants to be around a negative person, but it can be hard for managers to correct their behavior. Make weeding out negativity a top priority to protect your positive workplace culture.

You can get better results from employees in terms of productivity when they are engaged in meaningful work. They have to like the tasks they perform and be able to draw positive social benefits from their position. If they’re unhappy with your culture or don’t feel challenged in their position, they’ll gravitate to another company. Do what you can now to keep your employees for the long-haul.

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