The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Both artificial intelligence and social media have been able to get a huge buzz in the market. More and more corporations are increasing their investment in both artificial intelligence and the social media marketing.

Forrester has predicted that the investment in AI will grow by 300% this year. Artificial intelligence has already been playing a crucial role in many different industries, and now we can see more and more use of the technology in various social media platforms as well.

The question is what is the future of artificial intelligence in social media? The huge social media platforms are already investing a lot of time on researching on the potential of AI. Let’s look at how some of the biggest social media platforms are making use of AI.

How are the huge social media platforms, making use of artificial intelligence?

Just because artificial intelligence is making a major impact on the world does not mean that human intelligence should be ignored. The balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence is needed to get the maximum return out of the investment.

For an instance, the use of AI can assist micro-influencers a lot to launch their micro-influencer marketing campaign, but there is also a need for human intelligence to develop a strategy that produces the great results. Here are some of examples of how the biggest social media platforms have inserted AI on their business processes.

LinkedIn acquired

The startup,, was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014. used machine learning algorithms to suggest the best candidates for employers, which helped both employers and employees, as employers got the best candidates for the specific jobs and the employees got the best jobs that matched their skills.

Currently, LinkedIn use this technique to provide a score to the candidates for the companies on the basis of account location, past work experience, and historical hiring patterns.

Pinterest acquired Kosei

The data software company named Kosei, which specialized in personalized recommendation modeling, was recently acquired by Pinterest. This helped Pinterest to identify object recognition for boosting the pins, and this will also help in providing better product recommendations.

This, along with Pinterest’s Visual Graph makes it possible for image and search recognition tailored for Pinterest users. This feature will also help social media marketers a lot to launch their social media marketing campaign in a more effective manner.


Most of you must have encountered with chatbots, whether it is a dumb or a smart chatbot. A chatbot is a great way to give an instant reply to the customers. It’s true that they lack human intelligence, but with the help of machine learning, the chatbots are getting better every day. This is the reason why chatbot is the future of customer service.

Moreover, the study shows that the majority of customers nowadays is comfortable, engraining with chatbots. Many big corporations are already making use of chatbots. Now, the Facebook has introduced a chatbot-like feature, which helps to start a conversation between a business and a customer who is having a problem.

Facebook facial recognition

The Facebook team is putting a lot of emphasis on the AI. Facebook has introduced a facial recognition tool that further simplifies the process of tagging someone in the picture. Moreover, Facebook is also looking to boost their business based on the users checking into various places. This will allow Facebook to provide real-time discounts and offers to users.

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How can you make use of AI inside social media platforms?

We have already seen how the big social media platforms are making use of AI to enhance their business. Now, let’s see how you can take an advantage of AI.

Match your content with your target market buying personas

You can increase your sales by whopping 171% if you can understand your target market buying personas. You can understand your target market buying persona by analyzing their habits, working environment, and the things that motivate them. Match your contents, blogs, videos, images, and so on, with your target market buying personas to get a handsome return from your marketing campaign.

Utilize CRM tools to understand your prospects

There are various CRM tools that you can use to understand your prospects. For an instance, the Active Campaign tools can help you target specific information to your prospects based on their actions. It can also help you to analyze the prospect based on what and how many tags have been used by them.

Real-time Engagement

As a business, you need to consistently engage with your customers. Real-time engagement with your customers is one of the best ways to draw your prospects to your story. You should make sure that you are present in all the social media platforms that you use, and you should also make sure that you are consistently offering them with valuable content and insights. The study shows that the companies that consistently engage their customers on multiple channels retain 89% of the customers.

Make use of the various AI tools to engage your customers in a real-time.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is changing the whole world, and it’s already making a big impact on how we use social media platforms, as we have seen in the above sections of this article. The progress in AI will not stop, but in fact, its use will grow tremendously, as we are just at the beginning of the artificial intelligence revolution. AI will completely transform the way to do business in the future.

By the way, if you’re a business owner and you’re still not using AI on your business processes, then it’s a right time for you to start using it. With the technology playing a more important part in the future of the business world, and sooner you start using AI, it’s better for you.

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