Step Into The Future Of Hybrid Pickup Trucks

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Step Into The Future Of Hybrid Pickup Trucks

Trucks remain an essential utility vehicle around the world. They are the supreme workhorses that carry out extraordinary tasks. With the world turning a keen eye on electric and hybrid vehicles, trucks are leaving nothing to chance.

Sedans and saloon cars have pioneered and dominated the hybrid movement with little enthusiasm on trucks. However, this has changed with a renewed interest in trucks, with vehicle manufacturers incorporating plans on hybrid pickup trucks.

The Future Of Hybrid Pickup Trucks

Ford motors, a powerhouse in the vehicle industry, have announced a massive plan on electric vehicles to be launched under its stable. Fortunately, the Ford F150 truck has made the shortlist.

Since the 1940s, the F series trucks have made headlines with their diverse load capabilities and handling. Their production line focused on both heavy and light commercial vehicles. The 13th generation Ford F150 truck already showed signs of change with clean energy being a priority. Curb weight was reduced by the addition of light aluminum; its engine size was also reduced to enhance fuel economy.

Now the new planned truck, set to launch in 2020 or so, will have a more efficient system. Ford has released brief details on the truck that will include a mobile generator. This impressive feature provides standby power on remote sites. Pre-plan approvals include an electric qualified vehicle modifier to power train plugin. industry players will surely be keeping an eye on this development.

Competing brand workhorse is perhaps the most accomplished creator of electric trucks. Primarily, a firm with a background in battery electric delivery, an electric truck was least expected.

Workhorse W-15

Workhorse has already developed an up and running W-15 model. The W-15 model weighs in at about 7200 pounds with a towing capacity of 5000 pounds. On the other hand, load haul capacity is about 2200 pounds. Their truck has an impressive 80-mile drive capability on average. It also features a gas powered range extender for additional support with an ability to attain excesses of 28 miles on the highway and 32 in the city. This makes it a top range vehicle on the premise of drive duration.

The truck's interior incorporates a futuristic feel with digital infotainment and a touch screen dashboard. Seat design is top notch with good quality leather upholstery. A raised position on the driver’s seat enhances visibility on the road. The seats also offer good and firm lumbar support. It has decent spacing on the front and back cabin, ensuring passengers have a smooth ride. Work horse truck has an enabled power export feature designed to handle a variety of tools, machinery, or simple electric household items on the go. This suits the average profile of a handy truck owner.

A true four-wheel drive vehicle with wild off-road abilities, a good ground clearance to handle both weight and terrain related distress.

Fleet companies have already shown interest in the W-15 model echoing a positive reassurance that the industry is ready and willing to absorb hybrid trucks.

The successful completion of the W-15 model has encouraged other manufacturers to make strides into electric trucks. Tesla, a renowned tech company, has had an exceptional performance on their saloon electric models. Word out is that they are one-step closer in launching their first ever truck that will be fully electric.

electric truck

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VIA Motors, a company that partners closely with General Motors on the development of hybrid electric cars, has embarked on the electric truck journey too. They have developed an extended range electric truck, with the help of their partners. The specs are quite enticing, as well with a remarkable drive range of about 40 miles. Primarily this covers a wider scope than an average daily driver who handles less than 30 miles. Extended range can attain more than 300 miles all round. Payload capacity is about 1000 pounds while the gross vehicle rating is 7500 pounds. A Similar feature to the work horse W-15 model includes a 120 or 240-volt charging input unit.

Another similarity with the W-15 truck is on power export. The v truck model can export 190 kilowatts at its peak in a steady mode of propagation. Other features include a good interior with ample passenger spacing for any kind of travel.

Evidently, the truck industry is headed for a full on revolution. This will be fueled by the entry of icons, such as the Ford F-150 and new firms alike. Mother Nature will enjoy a new lifeline as electric trucks add to the list of reduced emissions. With advancements in technology, the future of trucks Is overwhelmingly promising. It is only a matter of time until we are spoilt for choice

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