How to Pack Your Delicate Electronics When Moving to a New Home

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Pack Your Delicate Electronics When Moving to a New Home

Most of the electronics you own are actually quite delicate. Screens can crack, and a single drop of liquid reaching the circuitry can render them inoperative. Televisions, combo printer, scanner and copier machines and other electronics are sensitive to vibrations experienced in transport, and high humidity can also cause them to fail.

If you read the owner's manuals, you will see that they actually have narrow recommended operating range for temperature too. Relocating them to your new house requires some specific steps in packing and transporting to get them there intact and ready to use.

Use Original Packaging

If you have saved any of the original packaging for your electronic items, it makes for the safest way of transporting them to your new house. The original packaging was designed to get your electronics across the ocean in container ships, to the retail stores, and finally to you.

Protect TV Screens

It is always best to put a television in an appropriately sized box even if you do not have the original one it came in. At the bare minimum you should fashion thick cardboard sheets into a makeshift shield to protect the front and back of your TVs. Appliance stores are not only a great source for large appliance boxes for free, but they may also have boxes to fit your TVs. The goal is to keep flexing to a minimum and to have no pressure on the screen to prevent cracking.

Printers, Scanners, and Copiers

Some office equipment of this type have a locking mechanism to park moving parts for shipment. Check your owner's manuals, and be sure to stick a note on the electronic equipment where you engage any locking mechanisms to prevent damage when they are hooked back up at your new place.

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Professional Movers

You really cannot beat the service of professionals who offer full packing and moving services. They have the experience and expertise to get everything from a grand piano to grandma's heirloom vase from your old house to the new one without a problem. Some companies, like Bekins Van Lines Inc., have boxes and packing materials to secure anything, including electronics, for transport, and they have the muscle to load it and unload it. This can save you all the hassle of moving from the packing to the heavy lifting.

Electronic Accessories

Pack all electronic item accessories with the devices they go to. Do not rely on memory to figure out which power adapter goes with what product. Just because the plug fits does not mean you are plugging in the correct power adapter or other accessory. If you must pack accessories for game consoles, computers and other items separately, label the boxes as to what devices the contents connect to. It would not hurt to also label the accessories themselves. Blue painter's tape works great for labeling items and not leaving behind a sticky tape residue.

The bigger the electronic item, the more likely it will end up bumping into a door frame, wall or other hard object while being moved. Today's television screens are very vulnerable to flexing and bumps. Also, hard drive read/write heads can come in contact with the media platters, causing data loss if they are not properly shut down before transport. Do not just pull the plug on game consoles and cable/satellite TV boxes as they contain hard drives. Shut them off with the power switch first.

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