How Technology is Evolving to Make Us Look Better

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How Technology is Evolving to Make Us Look Better

A lot of the obsession over physical appeal has to do with sexuality and the mating game, but it goes well beyond that. Looking good builds self-esteem, confidence, and social acceptance. Most would agree that attractive people get preferential treatment.

While our society has become more accepting of diverse physical traits, it's hard to imagine anyone who doesn't want to be beautiful. Here are some ways that modern technology is making this easier.

Lose Weight

Our more sedentary lifestyles are creating global obesity. However, the fitness solution for today's consumers may be mobile technology. There will be an estimated 2.87 billion smartphones in use by 2020. Diet and exercise are only temporary solutions unless real changes in lifestyle take place. A variety of apps are available that help you plan daily fitness regimens, healthy meals, connect to support groups, and even issue alerts and reminders. Wearables let you track your vitals, miles walked, and calories burned. With the right apps and devices, your own smartphone becomes a constant personal trainer.

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Try Cosmetic Surgery

Face lifts, nose jobs, and similar procedures have been around for years, but lasers or electrosurgical tools combined with 3D imaging are making them more precise in both planning and execution. Advances in 3D printing and biomaterials are also making it possible to replace serious disfigurements. Cosmetic surgeons can create personalized joints or prosthetics, and even grow new skin and body parts from your own cells.

Map Your Genomes

The latest advancement in health and cosmetics is having your own DNA mapped. This gives specialists a baseline for deciding how your body and skin will react to certain compounds. Genomic testing helps to maximize the effectiveness of any medications, supplements, treatments, or cosmetic products while reducing the risk of allergic or other bad reactions. You can keep your appearance optimized by knowing what works best for you personally and what to avoid.

Improve Your Smile

The most alluring feature for most people is a bright, healthy smile. Modern options for cosmetic dentistry, like those that you can find at Cosmetic Dental Studios, are providing better smiles to more people, often at lower cost and reduced risk. Porcelain veneers, Invisalign dental appliances, and laser tooth whitening are also enhanced by 3-D imaging for fast, effective, personalized dentistry.

There are many researchers promising eternal youth or genetic manipulation. Along the way, there will be technical breakthroughs that can benefit you now.

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Author Bio - Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, California


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