4 Unexpected Ways Technology Has Simplified Our Everyday Lives

Friday, July 21, 2017

4 Unexpected Ways Technology Has Simplified Our Everyday Lives

It's kind of amazing how far technology has come in only the last decade. Ten years ago, the iPhone didn't exist. Now most people can't imagine life without their smartphone. The technological revolution is changing everyday human life in leaps and bounds every year as new and more convenient options keep becoming available.

It may come as a surprise to many when they stop and actually think of how their lives have changed thanks to the unexpected ways technology has simplified our lives.

1. Scheduling

You may not think about this every day, but when was the last time you had to memorize a phone number? When was the last time you purchased a physical calendar to hang on your wall? Remember how difficult it was to plan events, outings and get-togethers before texting and Facebook? Facebook lets you create events and invite people, and reminds attendees so they won't forget to come the day of. Texting allows for mobile instant communication that was not possible before. With digital calendar apps, it's now much simpler for people to schedule their lives in conjunction with others rather than play an infuriating game of telephone tag.

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2. Greater Access To Information

Before, if you needed to tackle a project you'd never done before, you either had to talk to someone else in-person or over the phone about it, or wing it and hope for the best. Now, it's simpler than ever to just pull out your smartphone and learn how to do just about anything. People have instant access to everything from recipes to make for dinner to how to paint your kitchen cabinets so they turn out well. When people have access to and seek out the facts, it not only makes doing tasks in your daily life easier, but can also potentially be lifesaving or help you in other ways. For example, by looking up how to do something online, you potentially save considerable money and time by just doing the task yourself instead of hiring a service to do it.

3. Online Banking

With banking largely moving online, you can simply press a few buttons and pay your bills rather than having to fill out and mail checks. Even credit and debit cards may become obsolete in the future in favor of digital payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This is obviously a lot easier than having to make change, run to the ATM for cash or take paychecks to the bank every other week. Instead, just about every paycheck is direct deposited. All of this makes managing money far less of a hassle than it has been previously.

4. Home Connectivity

Tech that is linked and synced is now beginning to become common in homes. For example, your smartphone can connect to your thermostat. So if you forgot to turn it down and you left on vacation, it's no big deal. You can just get on your phone and adjust it to whatever you want. It's also become much easier to watch TV wherever and whenever you want, in your home and on the go. You no longer have to wait for a certain time for your program to come on thanks to streaming services. Wi-fi makes accessing the Internet much simpler than having to hook up to a cable for dial-up service. It's even more convenient than ever to explore your options for purchasing telecommunications services, like reading these ACN Reviews.

Technology will continue to simplify our lives as artificial intelligences, self-driving cars and other high-tech products become more and more commonplace. While this increasing reliance on technology can scare some people, and bring to mind the scenarios of science fiction, it also stands to improve and simplify the lives of everyone. If you don't particularly keep up on what the latest technological advancements can do for you, you should give them a try. They may turn out to be a real convenience.

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