3 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way we (Hope to) Earn Money

Thursday, July 13, 2017

3 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way we (Hope to) Earn Money

Whoever works, expects to earn in exchange for each minute, each hours spent working. This has been a constant universally applicable since the abolition of slavery - and, with the exception of volunteers, it is still true today. The ways we work, in turn, have changed fundamentally over the centuries thanks to the emergence of technology.

Thanks to the industrial revolution, and today, thanks to the internet. In our times, "work" has become a term with a wider meaning, especially in some areas. Yet technology has changed not only the way people earn money but also the way they hope to do so.

Hopes and dreams

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Digital nomads

Connecting to the internet is becoming easier than ever in a great variety of areas of our planet. Today, you can go online from the middle of a forest, from a mountain camp site, from the beach, from a series of other places that were completely "disconnected" a few years ago. This increased connectivity has led to the emergence of a so-called "location-independent lifestyle", commonly referred to as "digital nomadism".

Digital nomads are usually creative professionals - designers, writers, programmers, and so on - that work as freelancers or on a per-project basis. They no longer need to spend their working hours in an office (or a home office) - they can effectively work from anywhere. This has prompted many of them to not only work from home but effectively from anywhere - from the beach, from the camp site in the mountains, even a completely different country.

Digital nomad
Could you be a digital nomad?

Being location-independent is the ideal way to work for many - they can combine exploring the world with their professional life, making them both far more enjoyable. All this thanks to the increasing spread of internet connectivity to as many areas as possible.

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