The Latest Developments in Solar Cell Technology

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Latest Developments in Solar Cell Technology

Solar Power

Technology is constantly advancing, making our lives easier, more sustainable and exciting. One of the major innovations of this time is the solar cells, enabling us to harness energy from the sun and decrease the greenhouse emissions.

Although solar power has been on the market in many forms for a long time already it is still not widely used all over the world or in every household. Solar technology is advancing to the point that will hopefully make it possible for everyone to make use of, the sooner, the better.

As soon as a new development in the solar technology comes forth it seems like every solar manufacturer wants a piece of it and so various types of versions get born. Most of these new solar technologies are still under development and it will just be a matter of time until the most innovative manufacturer improves them to an extension so that they can be put on the market.

Here are two of the latest developments in solar cell technology:

Invisible solar cells

The Swiss firm SCEM are the first to develop invisible solar panels for roofs, with invisible solar cells, that allows homeowners to have solar roof power without hindering the aesthetic design of the house. These solar cells seem transparent as only the light from the invisible end of the spectrum gets captured, the other light (sun rays and infra rays) passes through. This glass like solar cells can work at a lower temperature and can be used on all surfaces including windows and other consumer product without being noticed. Imagine having windows of skyscrapers, homes, and cars installed with these cells capturing enough solar energy to light a whole city.

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Printable Solar Cells

The solar principle remains the same no matter what method or materials are used. Incoming photon free electrons and send them out in the solar cells material before channeled into an electrical circuit. Printable solar cells get made by a specific developed 'solar ink' that gets printed on a plastic film which is paper-thin and flexible. They can also be printed onto steel and be made semi-transparent for windows.

The efficiency depends on how well the material captures the light and how effortless the electrons will travel. Researchers are still finding ways to improve the efficiency of these solar cells. Any plastic surface can be turned into a solar panel with these printable solar cells and they are very easy to use. What's more, these cells are very inexpensive to produce.

Already on the market are various of unique solar technology like:

  •  Thermal tiles, made from glass that gets used for heating water.
  •  Modular solar arrays for the roofs that are ready to use on delivery and easy to install.
  •  Integrated solar cells which get integrated into traditional building materials.

These advancements in solar cells are seen by the day and the prices are dropping, making them more available for a bigger market. The solar power production will get pushed forward as products become more available on a large scale, allowing us all to start getting excited for what is more to come of innovative solar cells.

By  Katarina LajtmanEmbed

Katarina Lajtman is a home improvement writer working for Reilly Roofing and Gutters, San Antonio. She promotes sustainable living, both on a large scale and through the use of eco-friendly technology in everyday life.


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