Qbo One Robot Looks to Impact the Classroom

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Qbo One Robot Looks to Impact the Classroom


The Qbo robot has been around for a few years, and now it is about to have a little brother. The Qbo One may not be mobile, but it has many of the same features as the original Qbo robot. Look for this cute bot soon on Indigogo.

In 2011, the original Qbo robot turned a few heads in the robotics community, especially when it appeared to recognize itself in a mirror. Soon The Corpora, makers of the cute little robot, will release the next generation Qbo robot, appropriately named the Qbo One. Presented as a much lower cost and more widely available bot, Qbo One doesn't have any mobility features; instead, it’s meant to sit atop your desk and interact with you from there.

Qbo One Robot

The robot has a very attractive curved shape with a round capacitive touch head, eyelids, and a mouth made of LEDs that allows it to express emotions.

Unlike Qbo, Qbo One is designed to be a desktop  interactive robot closely aligned as a product for everyday users.  It is easy to use and understand and could be ideal for educational implementation.

According to The Corpora, Qbo One is a very good platform for schools because the robot can reach out to kids as young as eight years old and teach them robotics and programming using the robot. Kids can learn about various sensors and make them work with simple programming language like Scratch.
Qbo One Robot

Qbo One is based on Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino. Both boards are attractive embedded platforms among hobbyists from several reasons including their low price, easy way to interface different sensors and actuators and a large community that share information and resources.

Qbo robot
Qbo has seen many updates over the years. The distinctive round head remains on the new model.
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With the two cameras in its eyes, the Qbo One robot can see, recognize and track faces, capture photos, and enable immersive video calling. Three microphones and natural language processing let you talk to Qbo One from anywhere in the room.

The robot's mouth made of LEDs and a speaker connected to a sound card so he can do sophisticated sound manipulations and the head comes with two digital servos that control up and down movements along with right and left movements.

Q.bo One is fitted with a capacitive sensor on the top of his head that is divided into three sections which lets him react appropriately to touch.

An Indiegogo campaign will begin this month to secure funding for Qbo One. 

SOURCE  The Corpora

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