4 Interesting Add-ons for Your New Drone

Thursday, June 29, 2017

4 Interesting Add-ons for Your New Drone

The popularity of drones is just insane right now, and tech that seemed way too futuristic to ever be available for everyday people is now here and is more affordable than ever.


Below are four cool add-ons you can install on your drone to make for the ultimate drone-piloting experience. These mods are available for drone enthusiasts of all levels.

1. Propeller Guards

One of the most practical add-ons for your drone are propeller guards. If those props get tangled in tree branches or even just debris flying through the air on a gust of wind, that could be game over for your drone. Propeller guards protect your drone and anything around it from being accidentally damaged in case of a collision. Guards will also help protect you and any bystanders from being seriously injured by the spinning propellers.

2. LED Light Kit

Another very cool addition to your drone is LED lights. These come in a variety of colors and can provide solid or flashing light, and many LED lights for drones are visible from up to a mile away. You can also install forward-facing white LEDs to use as headlights to illuminate your flight path at night, so that works well if you've got a camera system installed too. We'd like to say that LEDs are all about the practical value, but let's face it: LEDs on a drone at night just look really cool!

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3. First-Person View (FPV) System

While prop guards and LEDs are some cheap and easy mods to apply to your drone, there's a whole new level of drone performance available to you when you add on cameras and a FPV system. First-person view (FPV) or remote-person view is a headset system that works like virtual reality goggles and allows you to see everything your drone camera sees without having to use a large monitor. It's really the ultimate drone accessory and will provide an entirely new experience for any drone enthusiast. And of course, FPV systems are essential for many commercial drone applications as well.

4. Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Camera

For night flying or for commercial uses where lighting is challenge, a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera from Infrared Cameras Inc. can be the best drone mod ever. With infrared, you're no longer limited to day-time operation, and if you combine a FLIR camera with an FPV system and headset, you're just not going to ever go to sleep again. You'll be up all night flying around your neighborhood!

Drones are definitely fun devices to have that can be used for a variety of applications. But don’t be satisfied with a vanilla drone. Deck it out with some extra features, and you’re sure to make a lot of fun memories!

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