Technology Makes Luxury Furs More Luxuriant Than Ever

Monday, May 1, 2017

Technology Makes Luxury Furs More Luxuriant Than Ever


Most fur coats today are more humane than you realize. Yes, animals are still primarily used, and they do get euthanized for their fur. But you’ve got to think about this critically.

Because of the demand for furs, most fur coats don’t come as a result of some trapper chasing wild animals in mountain regions. The animals are farmed.

Have you ever eaten chicken? How about beef? What about fish? Sushi? Look, you know you like these food items—you’re biologically an omnivore! Even vegans who eat an entirely vegetarian diet are going to ultimately be chomping down on food that included the killing of rodents in its gathering—unless they grew everything themselves.

You can’t get around it. Human impact has an adverse effect on the environment. But what if the little mouse’s fur could be put to use, instead of just being ground up in the combine as this machine went through the field? What if that raccoon that got caught in the gears were repurposed for a pair of ultra-soft, luxuriously stylish mittens?

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In such a scenario, though tragic the death would be, it would at least go to some purpose. And here’s the deal when it comes to modern furs: farmed animals wouldn’t even exist at all if not for the furs. Instead of populations being hunted near extinction, a breeding pair are sourced and used to create more animals.

Additionally, those animals wouldn’t survive in the wild if left to their own devices. One reason is that many of them are inbred to begin with. Another is that they’ve been raised in captivity. So the creatures wouldn’t even exist if not for their use as fur providers. So what’s more cruel? No life at all, or a little bit of life? It’s much better than hunting a wild animal.

Farming Pests

Next, many animals that are farmed for their fur aren’t the nicest creatures to begin with. You know what a mink is? It’s a fluffy weasel. A skunk is a weasel. A ferret is a weasel. They’re all just different kinds of weasel. Now left on their own, weasels are pests. Most mustelids (the technical name for these animals) are.

The reason is that mustelids will eat native birds, lizards, insects, and eggs. If you’re a farmer, a weasel will steal your chickens as well as their eggs. If you’re a farmer where mink reside, then they’ll likewise steal your chickens and eggs.

So a mink farm basically sources a breeding pair, uses them to create young minks, and doesn’t impact the local population even though that would very likely be good for agricultural production of the area.

Essentially, modern furs are extremely beautiful, luxuriant, and stylish. And today they’re made not through breaking the ecology of a given environment, but through farms which bring such creatures life specifically for such a purpose. So you can drape yourself in luxurious furs that you can trust don’t have negative environmental impact.

Guilt-Free Fur

The Right Market

When you’re on the market for top-ticket luxury fur items, it makes sense to go with an option like William H. Harris furs which, according to, “…is known throughout Rhode Island as the largest and finest provider of fur garments and accessories.”

There’s an inhering luxury to furs which isn’t associated with any other clothing item, and such fashion accessories are an essential component of any lady’s style palette. When you can find well-known providers of fur garments, you can get quality affordably, and as tech makes fur more affordable and less cruel, you can wear it guilt-free.



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