How Technology Changes our Home for the Better

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Technology Changes our Home for the Better

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Technology has helped people in a lot of ways, and this includes making our housework more convenient. Read below the ways on how it has changed our home.

Throughout the years, there has been a significant advancement in technology that has affected all of our lives. It has helped in making some tasks more convenient and easier to do. Aside from that, it also gave people the opportunity to experience advancements that our elders might not have even imagined.

One of the leading advancements in technology is that people have become more dependent on their smartphones and tablets. These devices have been their new partner in accomplishing daily tasks.

However, handheld gadgets are not the only ones commonly used by people. They are also becoming dependent on other appliances that make our life easier. You may not be able to notice it, but there are many household appliances that you should be thankful for.

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From kitchen appliances to washing machines, to vacuum for our floors, and much more, these devices have made managing our household as of late. Technology has indeed helped many families in organizing housework, family time and career time.

Although these upgrades in technology have a positive feedback from people, there are some who do not think otherwise. Some studies have pointed out that technology also brings some drawbacks.

Although this is true, you are still thankful that it is making our lives easier, especially when it comes to household work. Here are some ways on how technology has changed our homes and our lives.

1) The Development of Accessible Heat Source

This may be the one thing that people do not always appreciate. In the olden days, making a fire last was one of the hardest things to do. During the times when the only heat source were fireplaces, families needed to stay in one room to keep warm. This was a dragging task.

Aside from having to keep the fireplace burning, it was also hard to accomplish household chores that were not in the same room as the fireplace. After central heating was developed, it was easier to keep warm, and families can proceed to do other things that they needed to do all around the house.

2) Furniture was not a Common Luxury

Around the eighteenth century, acquiring furniture was not as easy as you could have imagined. Large-scale factories were not around that time. There were only a few small-scale furniture makers. Thus, it was expensive to acquire even tables and chairs at that point.

3) Cooking was not as Easy as it is now

Before, people used to cook on open fires because stoves, ovens, and other kitchen appliances were still not available. It was nearly impossible to cook in more than one pot at the same time.

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Aside from that, both solids and liquids needed to be cooked together because of the unavailability of many cooking utensils. Just imagine how they could have managed to cook gourmet meals before! This is the reason why specialty dishes at that time were rare and very expensive.

4) Only Basic Cleaning Materials Were Available

If you have already watched Cinderella, did you see how she painstakingly scrubbed the floors using only a washcloth and her hands? It is because cleaning materials that were available before were very limited.

Up until today, indeed people still use the traditional broom and mop to clean our floors. But just imagine not having a vacuum cleaner or floor polisher in your home. It would be very time consuming to apply and scrub the floor manually, right?

That is why most people are thankful that technology has blessed them with cleaning appliances that make their work easier and faster. At present, some companies already sell robotic floor polishers and other cleaning tools that make cleaning more convenient.

5) The Invention of Security Devices

Before, there were no such things as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, and the like. Just imagine how it would have been hard to sleep at night or leave the house with your valuables there.

Technology has brought about the creation of these security devices that help people have peace of mind. Because of these, you can leave your house feeling at ease since you can monitor it by placing a CCTV camera. You can also sleep soundly at night by installing a burglar alarm in your home

6) Glass Windows Were Considered a Luxury Before

Did you know that having windows were also a luxury before? In earlier times, windows were seen as part of a furniture, and not as a main structure of the house. It was because windowpanes and glass windows were expensive simply because it was luxurious to produce.

Meanwhile, at present, there are many factories that can quickly produce windows. This is why most people do not consider them as expensive nowadays. Aside from that, with the help of technology, we can also choose from different kinds of windows.

Examples of these are windows with solar panels, energy efficient windows, Low-E windows, and much more.

7) The Birth of High-Tech House Controls

Technology has also made it possible for high-tech power controls in the house. Some examples of these are voice recognition commands. By just synching your voice in the system, you can already turn the lights on and off along other household appliances by simply commanding them with your voice.

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Aside from that, there are also some applications on your smartphone that you can sync with the security lock at home for added protection as well.

These are just some of the simple yet significant advancements that technology has brought to people today. It has helped make daily household chores become more convenient than how it was before.

At present, there are still more and more technological advancement that are given by home appliances. With these, you can envision that a smart home is now possible as well.

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