How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Big Data

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Big Data

Big Data

It is possible for any small business to benefit from big data. This is a valuable tool that can provide small businesses with a number of advantages.

The positive aspects of big data are how it provides small businesses with the opportunity to react quickly to the results of data collection and more.

Understanding Customers

Big data makes it easier for a small business to obtain a complete picture of their customer base. They will be able to know patterns of purchasing, what are the preferences as well as what makes the small business preferable. It's also possible to know if customers are recommending the small business to others. This can make a small business aware of important changes they may need to make and more.

Cost Effective

It is possible for the collection of big data in a small business to pay for itself in a short period of time. Many small businesses are able to have minimum data collection abilities. They can slowly increase the benefits of the data collection as the business grows and expands. This is essential as the level of competition among small businesses is always increasing. It is important that a small business put forth every effort to transition from a company that makes intuition-driven decisions to one where decisions are based on analysis of collected data.


Things such as website data extraction can help a company determine if a trend will impact their business and identify if it needs to be quickly embraced. Every business will be subject to trends in their industry. This will require a company to be in the best possible position to take advantage of it. The collection of big data will provide important information, so a small business is able to see a trend in its industry and be ready to take advantage of it.

Customer Interactions

It has been estimated that less than 18 percent of small businesses utilize systems designed to collect data on their company's interactions with its customers. This type of data collection is considered essential. It is more involved than simply obtaining customer’s email address and requesting they take a survey online. The use of software designed to capture more types of information will give a small business a clear picture of a customer's experience with their company. This is a way to identify any accommodations that may need to take place.
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Many small businesses don't devote enough time to learning about their competition. Too often this is limited to what others say about the competition as well as visiting their business or website. It's now possible to collect financial data that is easily obtained. A small business can also use social media analysis to obtain information on the popularity of a company as well as what customers are saying about the competition and more.

Improve Operations

Optimizing its processes in a small business is made easier when big data is utilized. A company needs to invest in processes development that generates data. This could involve sensors on production machinery as well as company vehicles and more. It's possible to create a situation where data is being regularly obtained. This data can be then used to make important operational alterations to increase productivity.


Most of the systems for small businesses associated with big data are simple to install. These systems can begin collecting important data within weeks and even days. It won't take a commitment of months or years to complete the installation. Many of these systems are able to be integrated with a company's existing system. This means a company can have the benefits of big data without paying the high prices charged by some specialists. These systems also may not require staff to have extensive training to properly operate them. Many of these systems are very user-friendly.

How business is conducted is constantly changing. There was a time when a small business was run more on emotion with little analysis. Today, the trend of collecting big data is being done by the smallest businesses. It is a trend that is expected to only increase in the future.

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