How AI and Influencer Marketing Can Work Together

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How AI and Influencer Marketing Can Work Together

Artificial Intelligence

Both artificial intelligence (AI) and the influencer marketing are hot topics in the current business scenario. Many businesses are willing to spend more and more dollars in the AI and the influencer marketing. Artificial intelligence can be defined as the concept and development of machines that are able to perform various tasks requiring human intelligence. It has provided huge benefits for businesses. 

Because it has provided numerous benefits for businesses, they are increasing their investment in the AI. The study conducted by the Forrester estimates that the investment in the AI will increase by 300% in 2017.

On the other hand, Influencer marketing is the emerging concept in the marketing where the businesses use the influencer (a person with sizable followers in social media) to promote their businesses and products. The study shows that the budget allocated to the businesses for the influencer marketing campaigns is increasing. It’s because of a low marketing cost and higher return on investment. Now, the question is how AI and influencer marketing are working together. We will discuss it in detail in the next sections of this article.

Not many influencers are paying attention to AI

Most of the influencers and businesses have not focused on the power of AI on their marketing campaign. They may have ignored the AI aspect because it’s too difficult for them to understand. Well, you never know. There is a huge potential of AI. It can be used to assist in analyzing the pile of data. Although most of the influencers are not focusing on the AI for their campaign, there are some major players who have realized the potential of the AI in the marketing campaign.

How can influencer marketing and AI work together?

There are many ways AI can help the influencers. If influencer marketing and the artificial intelligence are combined together, the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign can increase significantly. Here are some of the ways the AI and the influencer marketing can work together.
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Data Analysis

A huge corporation may need 100s of influencers to market their new or existing products and services. Many agencies have started contacting the best talent for the marketing campaign, but they have failed to use the best influencers based upon any valid data and metrics. Detert and Dan Steele have realized the drawbacks and have developed Influential. It’s an influencer marketing technology that focuses on data and analytics.

This company has grown to a group of 90 employees with a network of over 10,000 top influencers with a great Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat profile. Now, it has paired with the IBM Watson with the purpose of finding the best influencers for the specific marketing campaign. The influential technology analyzes three factors, and i.e. demographic, contextual relevance, and psychographics to make their decision.

The demographic analysis analyzes the factors, such as age, race, geographic location, gender, and others. This helps the influential to make the decision of whether the influencer is a good fit for the campaign or not. The influential rates the influencer based upon various factors. It also allows the influential to detect if the influencer is using the brand name or not, and whether the influencer’s interest align with the brand’s interest or not.

Moreover, the influential with the help of IBM Watson apply psychographics to recruit influencers for the corporation based on archetypes and personality traits. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Personality Insights API of the IBM Watson allow the influential to identify the last 22,000 words posted by the influencer in various social media platforms and scale them 0-100 based upon Big 5 Personality traits.

According to the study, the successful influencer marketing campaign has a return on investment of $6.5 for every dollar spent. Just imagine how much ROI it can give if it’s combined with the AI.

Making the use of chatbots for a better service

Although chatbots still have a long way to go, it’s getting better and better every day. More and more businesses are implementing chatbots in their services. The study shows that the majority of the people wants the businesses to be available for 24 hours. This means that the people want replies to their queries instantly. However, it’s not possible with human beings. There was one experiment carried out by the Amplify, a marketing firm, and the Automat, a chatbot developer.

They converted Kalani Hilliker, an online influencer who is a star of Dance Moms, into a chatbot. This intelligent bot was hosted on the Kik, which is a messenger app. This was a very successful experiment, as 91% of the people had positive reviews on the chatbot, and it was also able to generate 14-times more engagements than an average Kalani’s post.

Better recommendations

We like to purchase the products recommended by our friends and other people we trust. As the artificial intelligence can help to analyze data from various angles, it can help in providing better recommendations. The study shows that around 88% of the people trust online reviews and recommendations. If the AI is used to provide better recommendations, then the influencer marketing is more likely to be successful, as the products are recommended by the AI by considering the age, interest, situation, and other factors.


Both the artificial intelligence and influential marketing have a long way to go. There will be more and more investment poured to these concepts by the businesses. It’s a prime time to invest your money in both the AI and the influencer marketing campaign. There are increasing no. of businesses investing in both AI and influencer marketing campaign. Furthermore, they are getting a good return on investment as well. How much better return on investment can you get if you implement the combine the AI technologies in your influencer marketing campaign? It will be very high, of course. However, you should make sure that you are implementing the strategies in the right way.

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